Why Vitamix is best investment I ever made in myself ?

I generally dont buy expensive stuff for myself , I would rather give than consume it myself but that changed one day when I bought Vitamix blender .

So I visited my best friend Nitin in New Jersey and he has one of those Vitamix blender , He is regular blending guy, He made those amazing smoothies which tasted so good , Basically he adds all the healthy greens and vegetables ( all superfoods )which we will never eat otherwise and adds a banana and apple to to it . Man it tastes delicious.

I had seen that he was looking good and has nicely well maintained physique . So I prompted go back to Washington DC and order Vitamix 5200 series blender which I was not sure if I will use it .

That me when I am blending, Face is bright shining

That me when I am blending, Face is bright shining

In fact , I had spent 3 days on amazon , pondering if I should buy or not , I put item in Amazon Cart but couldn’t get myself hit that Buy button .

So finally Vitamix arrived . I think its totally worth it  , I use it regularly , During my wedding I did blending and my face was visibly bright , I felt like my hair started regrowing and my very dry skin was suddenly moist ( I itch a lot on my legs ) .

Hardest part of Vitamix is not buying ,that’s the easy part but keeping up juicing , may be at least 2 or 3 times a week . Its tough as you get busy but I have managed to do it regularly atleast twice a week and results are immediate and ultra visible .

I found its very easy to clean the machine compared to juicer which was nightmare and I din’t ¬†sustain even for a week.

vitamix purchase

vitamix 5200 series

vitamix 5200 series


I bought 5200 series and latest release is 5300 series , I would highly encourage you to make this investment on yourself .


“Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.” –

Jim Rohn


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