Why I replaced Instant Pot with Indian pressure cooker ?

We recently bought a house in edison NJ and our best friend Prashanti gave us this Instant Pot as housewarming gift , In fact she gave the same gift to her sister in law when she got married recently . Seeing her talking about instant pot is like taking your kid to disneyland,  its so exciting , She is like , I am telling you guys, its amazing, its amazing .We were not quite excited as she was but man she was right , She gave it 2 or 3 other Indian house households and everyone loves it.

So after 2 months of Instant pot use, I really feel bad about Indian pressure cooker we grew up with , We have finally lost , It so sad to see Indian pressure cookers going away just like VHS , CDs, walkman into oblivion .

If you cook in Prestige/ Hawkins Indian style pressure cooker , you are going to love Instant Pot . ” Jo biwi se kar pyar , wo prestige se kaise kare inkar ” , still remember that old cheesy hindi ad ,

***Since I published this article, Several people have bought this cooker  on what people are buying***

***this 8 quart large instant pot dropped from 179 to 120 feb 28 2017***

Problem with prestige style indian cooker is you have to watch the siti or whistle ( valve ) all the time , Instant pot has time that is huge benefit and safe for kids and entire family

You  can make any damn thing with this insta pot , in fact it replaced pretty much all the stoves , We cook everything in insta pot , I just ordered extra pot , Damn extra pot is kinda expensive .Here are other instant pot accessories that I would recommend

Badminton Tournament invitation

Badminton Tournament invitation

So Last night I made mutton biryani , I swear it was the best biryani ever , Our friends Nitin and Archana came over and they just couldn’t believe it  , So what was the secret , Insta pot , it doesn’t let steam go out at all , so all the flavors and aroma stayed in , Best thing about this cooker is , its not dangerous like Indian pressure cooker where I was scared when its going to blast .

Yes, you can cook Indian dishes with this like dals ,pulav, sambhar, chole,  rajma, chana, dal  ,biryani vegetables , sabzi, paya , nihari, rice,  . If fact my friend make dal ( lentils) and rice in same bowl and sitting , I have not graduated to that next advanced level yet . It has slow cook and delayed time feature , so you can cook later , slow etc , Lot of Indian people think that cooking only on fire stove top , you will get good taste but that has been proven wrong here .

Cleaning is easy as you are just cleaning 1 utensil , instead of mess that pressure cooker makes , You spend so much time scrubbing the damn cooker, specially if you cook dal , Also there is no maid here in usa , you have to do all by yourself .

You can even cook saute all meat and vegetables before pressure cooking .They must be listening to Indians, They recently introduced yogurt mode , My friend tell me that he gets idli/dosa to ferment really really well, Its kind of rises well .

 ** ***At time of this writing , Instant Pot just released their largest cooker , 8 QT/1200W cooker for very large families ****

As of dec 2016 , I am proud owner of 2 actively used instant pot and 1 in spare back up for gifting ..

I am instant pot boy

I am instant pot boy, Picture of instant pot at our house

FAQ – Frequently asked Questions by desis 

# Can you cook  Indian food and dishes re like dals , rice ,pulav, sambhar, chole,  rajma, chana, dal  ,biryani vegetables , sabzi, paya , nihari ?

Yes you can , You can cook faster , better , slower , tastier , easier, cheaper , cleaner . You can cook any thing , Moms of India, Please give up your pressure cooker now , Its that time .

In fact amount of cooking that happens in Indian kitchen , instant pot is really a blessing , Just buy another spare utensil here .

# What other kitchen item / devices/ appliances can Instant Pot replace ?

Instant pot can replace your 2 or 3 pressure cookers , yogurt maker , kadai , slow cooker , rice maker.I have like 2 pressure cooker , one of them have broken handle , other one doesn’t work that well .

#Will the food taste like real Indian stove with fire ?

Yes , 100% , unless you just dont want to accept the fact and move on in life , unless you are afraid that kitchen supremacy will end soon

#Is is safe like Indian pressure cooker , ex Hawkins, prestige ?

First of all , premise that Indian pressure cooker are safe is misgiving , They were never safe but with lack of choice and budget, they were still the best options , Its only outlet to let the steam out what that whistle ( siti ), valve .  Instant pot is hundred time more safe

# Is Instant Pot available in India at 220 Volts Power Supply 

Check out the link above where I have answered that question in details

 # Can it fry ?

Lol , Yes , It has saute function , you can make your own chicken masala with onions , ginger garlic paste

 # Are there any Indian recipe books using Insta Pot?

Yes , Insta pot website has some Indian receipes  , Here   , There is not much out there but you can use any recipes from 100’s of food bloggers , Its the same thing except medium of cooking has changed .

# Any other cheaper alternatives to Instant Pot 

Instant Pot is gold standard when it comes to instant cooking, However there are few good cheap alternatives such this one from cuisinart for 69.00 .

# Can you make yogurt curd  in Instant Pot ? How is it possible 

As Indians we eat lot of curd , Instant pot probably listened to us and made this option available in their latest  model , No need to warm the milk, dump the cold milk and some yogurt in Instant pot and set it on yogurt function , Thats it , amazing yogurt ready , No need to now buy that huge Curd box from Indian store .

 # There are 5 types of Instant Pot and I am confused which one to buy for my Indian Household?

For most household I would recommend IPDUO60 7 in one for 114$ , Why , its newer , has more functionality , has bigger pot and price is just right , Of course if you have spare change you should go with  this new bluetooth enabled so that you don’t even have to get up from bed .



Instant Pot comparision for Indian Kitchen

Instant Pot comparision for Indian Kitchen



Instant Pot for Indian Cooking

Instant Pot for Indian Cooking


I was surprised to find it on Indian amazon.in , Link   , Wonder if Indians will ever embrace this cooker

—->***I write so much content even I forgot , I have created this Master Index that you must immediately bookmark, otherwise you will get virus in your laptop :))..I will send you free Instant Pot 🙂  ***


** Guys , I am well aware of messed up headlines ..but I cannot change it as google will penalize my blog ..sorry about confusion ***


  1. I have an instant pot that I use here in US. Do you know if i can use the same instant pot in India also?

      • This converter allows you to use your U.S/ Canada powered appliances in India

  2. Do you have to put water in the main pot when you cook rice and daal together stacked up in those separater boxes; like we do in traditional Indian pressure cooker? “It Takes 8 Min to cook Dal and Rice stacked up”

    • I am really not sure aditi, Since you have to put water in entire vessel , I am not sure how effective it will be to cook dal and rice in same jar , Never tried it, Somehow dal always get spilled over and if you put haldi ( which you should never do, lessons learned hard way , 🙂 then it will spill in rice, . We have 2 instant pots and 1 extra jar so we just put dal and rice in 2 instant pots separately.

  3. Can you make idli in instant cooker ?


  5. Shouldn’t your heading be” Why I replaced Indian pressure cooker with Instant Pot ?”

    • Exactly.. The title is confusing!

  6. You indicated “If fact my friend make dal ( lentils) and rice in same bowl and sitting”, can you please elaborate ? In regular pressure cooker you use different bins that are provided along with the cooker to cook multiple things at same time. e.g. rice, dal, vegetables (potatoes, beets, etc.) . Can you do that in the instant pot ?

    • We just bought spare bowl and recently we just bought another instant pot as one of the instant pot is always occupied ..I will check if we can do that .

      • Hi did you get a chance to check this? How long does it take to cook toor dhal and rice in separate containers stacked on top of each other?

        • It Takes 8 Min to cook Dal and Rice stacked up

    • Yes u can…use those same pressure cooker separaters and on rice mode u can make rice and dal at same time.

  7. Hi,

    Can you please help me understand how fermentation of idli batter is done in InstaPot? If you can advise steps and procedure from your friends, who have said that fermentation of idli batter works in instant pot, it would be really nice.

    • In US at cold places it is difficult to get the dos/idli mix to ferment. You can use the yogurt function to maintain a good fermentation temperature to give it a nice even and fast fermentation and rise.

    • Your information about making yogurt is utterly misleading for the people who reads your Web… You can’t just pour cold milk and make yogurt on IP… First boil option is selected under yogurt and then wait for temperature to go down and then add yogurt to the warm milk…select hours on IP and then yogurt is made…
      I wish there was a robotic machine that could convert cold milk to yogurt like you mentioned 🤡

    • Soak rice and dal, grind, then put in the instant pot on the yoghurt mode, which takes 8 hours. That’s it, the Dosa or idli batter is fermented 🙂

  8. Hey Sachin, your headline is confusing!! It should be other way round, you replaced pressure cooker with IP

    • thanks .I realized that later ..Can’t change now otherwise ..site will disappear from google..thanks for input though

  9. I think you mean “Why I replaced my Indian Pressure Cooker with/for an Instant Pot”…or “Why I let go of my Indian Pressure Cooker and grabbed hold of an Instant Pot”…

    I just got a LUX-60 model for a good price – looking forward to using it 🙂

    • thanks Shalin ..I got headline messed up ..my poor english 🙂

    • Headline is misleading…..Please change it. Your article is exactly the opposite of what the headline says…

  10. The title is misleading. Shouldn’t it be “Why I replaced my Indian pressure cooker with the more versatile and safer Instant Pot?” It sounds like you are recommending the Instant Pot but the title says the opposite. Confusing.

  11. Excellent input on the Instant pot cooker. Helped us make up our mind easily. I like the way you listed all the different model numbers at the end and made a final suggestion 🙂

    By the way, shouldn’t your heading read “Why I replaced Indian pressure cooker with the Instant Pot? (Instead of other way around) as Instant Pot in coming in and Indian Pressure cooker is going out. 🙂


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