Why I finally bought robotic vaccum cleaner

So after talking about it for almost 2 years , We finally bought our first robot vaccum. One of the first steps to robotize our home . Soon everything will robot , Still waiting for cooking robot so that I don’t have eat my wife’s half cooked terrible meals 🙂 and counselor robot who can meddle between me and my wife’s argument and prove it that I am right 🙂 .

Anyways if you are in same dilemma like us ?

You will have 2 questions ?

  • Should I buy robot vaccum ?
  • What model of vaccum should I buy ?

Lets start with first question , We all know good robot cleaners are expensive , anywhere north of 300$, good ones will set you back atleast 400$ , More expensive you buy , more latest model you get with latest and greatest software and new connencted apps.

Here are my practical arguments why you should buy it ?

  • If you are struggling with time ,
  • You are too busy with work and make decent wages
  • You want to watch more TV, soap opera and sleep more
  • You are lazy like me , you will rather let the house be dirty than miss a amazing moment with family

Here are reasons you should not buy it ?

  • You don’t have money
  • You have plenty of time to kill , you are doing something very unproductive like facebooking and whatsapping and pretend that you just don’t have enough time on hand or there are just not enough hours in a day

Now that you are clear whether  to buy or not  ?

Lets look at second question , Which one to buy  ?

Now answer can be very simple , buy the most expensive 800$ Roomba 980  OR Neatov Botvac 584 and call it a day, They are the best , No questions asked.  If you have plenty of money , You should not waste a second and buy one of those blindfolded , not literary ) 🙂

but most of us normal middle class people just don’t have 1000$ lying around in pockets. Money might even be there but its already preassigned to pay mortagage school fees , netflix, amazon prime etc etc .

So we need to find something cheaper which will work as well as those 1000$ vaccums .Now thats quite challenging

Few things you need to understand

  •  First thing you must understand that robot vaccum cleaners are function of software , Hardware is of course very important but its the complexity and artificial intelligence of software that we are really paying for .
  • As of Dec 2016 , no robotic vaccum cleaner can match strength and suction capacity of normal vaccum cleaner available in market . I am sure robotic vaccum will outdo traditional ones soon but just not there yet
  • You are buying robotic cleaner to remove yourself from equation and save time not to make your house sparking clean mansion. If thats the aim , you are better of with traditional vaccum cleaner


So lets do shopping like I did it for myself

Lets find vaccum cleaners in range of 200 to 500

These are the main choices, although there are several choices, if you really want to go in details .

irobot roomba 770 #1 best seller on Amazon

Neato D3 connected for 400$

As far we are concerned we bought this Neato from amazon , Its 50 dollars off for thanksgiving.

neato botvac order details amazon

neato botvac order details amazon

Roomba models comparison

Roomba models comparison


Wherever its cheapest and the best deal is  , I just prefer amazon as I am too lazy and love their return policy . They come at your place and get the box back just at click of the button and as soon as you give that box to UPS guy , your money is refunded .

  • What is the best vaccum cleaner for hairy pets ?

We have our dog buddy , We specifically bought this Neato because it designed for pets and allergies . It does a pretty good job of picking hair. We were kind of disgusted to see that carpet we thought was clean is full of stack of hair . buddy sleeping


Here are few good ones to consider for pets and pet hair with atleast 4 star rating on amazon

Bobi Pet robotic vaccum –$249 –When they introduced this during March- April 2016 , it was selling for 750$ , It has solid reviews , Not a bad deal .

irobot roomba 655 pet series -699 – good but too expensive

Here are others

  • How does robotic vaccum cleaners work and how many sensors it has ?

Itt depends on the robot and which model you choose but these are common sensors in most them, Without them they won’t work. Here is link that explains it

  • Is roomba robotic vaccum or neato robotic vaccum or other robotic vaccums effective as everyday suction vaccum ?

As of Dec 2016 , answer is resounding No . Its getting there but not yet . Its hard to build a powerful machine, all the sensors etc etc in small box .

  • Should I buy roomba 650 or neato botvac vaccum cleaner for dog  ?

You have to choose Boston Robotic company ( Roomba) OR Silicon valley tech company ( Neato ) , those are just fun facts . I looked at roomba and none of its model specifically say they were designed for pet hair except Whereas neato botvac is specifically designed for pets and allergies .Most people use Roomba 880 and 770 for peta as it has hepa filters .

  • Which is best robotic vaccum cleaner for thick plush carpets and rugs ?

Almost all robotic cleaner do well on hardwood floor but thick carpets is where they have difficulty . From the several reviews I read on amazon and new york times article Neato Botvac D80 seems to clear winner in this catergory

We own this botvac and our friend nitin owns this roomba , We both own decent sized home and from our talks and watching both of them in action , Neato gets stuck much more often . If you have very large home with several obstacles, go with this roomba.

  • Whats the best robotic vacuum cleaner for small apartments ?

Neato Botvac D80 is the best for empty less crowded smaller apartment, for apartments with too much crap , go with roomba 650.

  • Which is the most quiet robot cleaner ?

irobot Roomba 650 is the quietest from the reviews  I have gathered , They can get noisy on hardwood

  • Can robotic vaccum cleaner cross transition strips on wooden floors ?

They should have no problems at all as per my experience, some cheaper model might get stuck depending on height of the strips .

  • Will robotic vaccum cleaner clean all rooms on their own or do I need to intervene ?

Most advanced robotic vaccum cleaners will clean whole house as long as you have enough charge in it. Top end models can clean for 2 to 4 hours whereas lower end model can exhaust in as low as 30 minutes . Time reduces as you charge them more often

  • Will robotic vaccum cleaner clean all parts of house, how about corners ?

Roomba is round but it has bristles that extends out to clean corner whereas neato is shaped square on 3 sides to go in corners

  • How often do you need to replace battery for roomba or neato ?

You will need to replace it every 3 to 5 years depending on how heavy the usage it .

  • How does roomba or neato handle larger dirt such as leaves or sticks ?

Our dog constantly brings in those sticks from the backyard and chews them and makes them in smaller pieces , Its doing well with leafs and small particles but not with sticks , it keeps getting stuck .

  • Are robotic vaccum cleaner worth the high price tag ?

As I said at start  ,if you are starving for time , its worth the investment otherwise suction vaccum cleaners are the best

  • Can Amazon Alexa control roomba or Neato ?

On Nov 22 2016 , Neato annouced that its Wifi-connected vacuum cleaner will take commands from Amazon Alexa, Pretty Neat 🙂

  • Is roomba available in India or Will roomba purchase here in USA work in India ?

Yes , Roomba is available in India , Here. Roomba is battery powered and will perfectly fine as long as you have this converter and this  stabilizer .You have remember that if you buy roomba from usa and take it to India , your warranty is void.

  • What are different models  of Roomba and which ones are the best  ?

Irobot Ro0mba 650 –Cheapest entry level

****Roomba 770 ( 499 )–Most recent entrant , Has the features of 800 series but cheaper #1 amazon best sleller

Roomba 860

Roomba 880 ( Best Pet robot vaccum)

Roomba 960,

Roomba 980 ($879 )- Best robotic vaccum available in market as of Dec 2016

Roomba Versions Comparison chart

Roomba Versions Comparison chart

  • Do robotic vaccum cleaners like roomba and neato also mop the floor ?

No most of these only vaccum, you are better off buying specialized mopping robotic cleaner like braava or dibea

  • Can roomba clean both upstairs and downstairs ?

No you will have to take it up and down manually

  • Which robotic vaccum cleaner is best for hardwood or laminate floor ?

Both Roomba 650 and Neato D80 will be do well in hardwood floor , But

****for dark wood, — Use  Neato Botvac D80

Why ?

The Roomba’s edge sensors, which prevent it from  traveling around on dark, non-reflective surfaces according to several reviewers .

  • Which is best robot vaccum cleaner for house or apartment with lot of clutter ?

Roomba 650 does the best job in very cluttered home according to several reviews I read on multiple vaccum cleaning options.

  • Any cheaper robotic cleaner under 200$, How about xiaomi or Ilife A3 or A4 ?

If your house has mostly hardwood floor those options will work great .

Here are robotic vaccum cleaner amazon best seller list

  • Which is the best robot vaccum cleaners for people with allergies and asthma ?

Roomba 770 is the best robotic vaccum cleaner for for allergies and asthma as it has HEPA filter which traps harmful particles such as pollen, dust mite and pet dander etc

  • Will Roomba damage cell phone and other cords ?

Yes , We have lost few cell phone chargers , You have to pick them up to be safe. It will not kill them everytime but there is good chance

  • Why would anyone buy Ilife V4 vs Roomba ?

Price , Its almost half or 1/3 the price of roomba. If you have pet hair and all hardwood and no /less carpets then Ilife v4 would do pretty good job.Also comes with remote to control Ilife which is misssing in roomba . ILife is chinese company vs roomba which is an american company.

Great and noble idea if you have that kind of budget, gift take would love you for that .Will be very well received by any overworked or senior citizen.

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