Visiting Parents in India? Use these best gifts ideas that they will show off too neighbors

The best thing for Indian parents, when their kids stay out of India is the fact that they get to brag the many gifts that are brought along whenever their kids visit them in India. Owing to this, even the kids face a lot of pressure when it comes to buying the best gifts for their parents in India. Belonging to a similar category of kids, I myself had to stroll around all the good places in the vicinity, to stumble upon the best and unique gifts for family in India.

Being a regular in the field, I now have a fair idea of all the gift ideas that can be presented to your family in India and they will be more than happy to receive it and even show it off to their neighbors.

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If you are still wondering about the gift ideas for family in India, go through the list of products below and I am sure your time won’t go in vain:

Photo-frame: Now here is a little sensitive gift for your parents. This frame, which has a capacity of holding nine pictures in one, will be a best way to get your parents emotional and nostalgic. During my last visit to India, I got one of these frames with some of the best pictures of my childhood and my parents wedding and it sure made them quite emotional. The frame is extremely stylish and can be hung in any room of the house. This will probably be the first thing noticed by the guests when they enter the room.

Most desis are buying this Nix photo frame. Update July 2015: There is new cloud version of Nix Photo frame which you can update from USA using a app . Thats pretty convenient .You can upload pictures weekly of your kids as they grow up or whatever is happening in real time , your parents will see a new picture every week or even every day. No more delay in sending pictures via email , printing and sticking it  There are 2 versions , 15 inch for 199 and 8 inch for 99.00

Free-arm Sewing Machine: You may have seen your mother slog with that same old antique sewing machine for ages now, for stitching of all her clothes, curtains and sheets. These novelty machines not only consume a lot of space in the house, but also makes your mother put in extra hard-work for even a simple alteration. Well, not any more. I saw this product online, while finding for that perfect present, and it was the best gift that my mother had got in ages. This free-arm portable and most of all, reasonable sewing machine is the best way to tell your mother that you care and which she can gladly show off to her friends in the neighborhood.


Beer Glasses set: Another unique gift idea to carry to India is this six piece beer glasses set, which can be a great gift for your father, which he can use every time his friends drop in for a drink or two. Not just your father, the gift can also be given to your beer lover friend. I was gifted by one by my close mate, and we use it every time they drop in for a get together. It is elegant to look and is available in various shapes.

Couple Watch Set: There may be a ton of gifts for India from USA, but there are only a few that matter. This is one of those. This particular gift is lovely and can be used by both your parents. These watches are not only chic looking but also water resistant. Available in black as well as white colors, these watches will definitely make the onlooker envious.

Car Accessory: My father loves his car. He takes care of it more than his life and does everything to make it look newer all the time. And for someone like him, the first gift that comes to mind is a car accessory. This wireless radio and car kit is the best thing that my dad could get. The accessory can be connected to the car with your smartphone or MP3 player through Bluetooth. It also helps in charging the phone without any hassle of a wire. It will be the most recommended gift indeed.

Jewelry Box: The most hectic thing for your mother, while going on a wedding, out of station, or a party is carrying all her jewelry. While she has to carry a different bag for her jewelry to be safe, this will surely be of great help of her. The jewelry box travel case stores a huge amount of jewelry and is made of black leather, that makes it look extremely stylish. To top all this, it also has a mirror on top lid for your mother to wear and see whatever suits her.

Tool-kit: Believe it or not, the best time utilizing thing for your retired father is using his tools at various instances. And if he still uses the same old-fashioned tools for all his repairing work, this compatible and affordable tool-kit will surely make his work easier and fun. The product contains 12-foot tape measure, claw hammer, 6-inch slip joint pliers, eight SAE hex keys, ratcheting bit driver, 8-inch scissors, 20 bits, plastic knife, four precision screwdrivers, and a sturdy blow-molded case.

Corner Wall Mount Shelf: And if nothing works right, then the best and safest option to go with is a wall mount shelf, like this one. This product, which is extremely useful and decorative is easy to hang and looks good with any kind or color of décor. Whether frames, or show pieces, anything can be kept on the shelf and it will easily increase its value. It can be fitted in any room, whether your bedroom, hall or even the kitchen.

Pillow Covers: To recreate the old romance in your parent’s relationship, you can also go for these romantic pillows covers. These pillow covers will be a romantic addition to your parents bedding and will also look cute. These are not just affordable but also made of high quality cotton to keep the comfort quotient high.

Wall Clock with Storage: Instead of gifting your parents with just a wall clock, try your hands on this unique clock with a hidden compartment. Not many people in India may have or know about it and the clock will easily be able to store a variety expensive stuff, cash or even keys and jewelry. This is a best present, if your parents are frequent travellers and have no place to store their valuable stuff in.


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