We all need to think like freelancers and train ourselves daily to make sure our jobs are secure . Its going to be very competitive field. I pretty much study everyday randomly.


Our team researched ton of online courses to come up with this data of top courses available online from very best instructors .

Here is link to research the courses by field

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I worked for several Indian consultancies and saw right in front of my eyes how consultancies fooled students. Consultancies use to chase students, Now things have changed in Trump era, Students are chasing companies due to OPT requirements . There are only few good companies you can trust with handling of OPT / H1B.

Obviously best option is get job in proper company but if that does not work out as it happens for many students , consultancies are life savior.I have worked with countless students who cursed consultancies but because of consultancies they are where are today. Think of them as stepping stone to stability .

I really want you to avoid shady and blacklisted consultancies, That said there are several consultancies that are legit . I have helped more than 50 people get in right consultancy and get jobs . Now they are settled down .

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