Why I started using Patanjali items and ditched consumer products ?

I am Patanjali boy , you know like those ads from old days , I am horlicks boy and I am complan boy  ( now always complaining ) boy , that’s what happens I guess after marriage :).

That day I read the news that now anti bacterial soap also causes cancer , Isn’t anti bacterial soap suppose to save us from bacteria and cancers  ? , What the hell , What do we do now , I guess use charcoal powder to wipe our ass 🙂 ,

We are trying to finish big antibacterial jar we got from costco and then we are just going to use plain old this Haldi chandan soap .

I have actually been trying to get away from big brand consumer products from several years,

I use to apply lot of gel on my hair , Wanted to look cool like amrican 🙂 , I stopped using it several years ago,

Next thing I got rid was deodorant , Since it touches your skin directly , I really wanted natural alternative , I started using Lush Greech natural powder  , Its as close as it get to be natural without being ineffective.

I love it , Lasts forever ..I am pretty much convinced that deodorants will cause cancer , Ask my wife , I am paranoid about deodorants .

I use moisturizer by dozens , I mean I use more moisturizer than I use gas in the car,  I have switched to this alovera moisturize by patanjali , Its too early to say if its good or not . So far it has not killed me yet or has caused any adverse effect.

I use Patanjali chywanprash , I am convinced that it provides micro nutrients that we need, Its really sweet but its ok .

We also got rid of microwave oven since moved to our new house. My mother keeps complaining , She is like , What will people think , We don’t even have microwave .

We are actually going to buy this convection steam oven which warm up food just as fast microwave , without the radiation

May be in few months as budget permits  .





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