How to prevent robbers from targeting your home during Diwali

If you haven’t read new recent few year ,

Here and Here are few of several news how even robbers have become smart and realized that desis are rich . Indians will always be richest community in america due to their work ethics and hard life growing up  .

Now there is no way to prevent it entirely but there are few steps to lessen the chances of the loot

  • When my wife joined New Jersey Institute of technology NJIT , there was a orientation session for new students , Since NJIT falls in Newark NJ which is known have dangerous spots, they were told how to avoid getting robbed . Keep some cash like 20$ or something, Just give them cash and they will go away , All those people are looking for is some quick cash for quick ciggerate, liquor or drug.I would recommend keeping 500$ cash in house, which is counter intuitive but think about it , if you ever get robbed , all these people want is some cash so that they can get out . They do not want to hold you up , Its more risky .


  • Here is message I received from our neighbor Dhruti , She is awesome,  Do not let anybody come into the house with any pretense .Do not fall for looks, Many time first guy that approaches is good looking white guy who is dressed up nicely . You think , you won lottery and guy from morgan stanley or goldman sachs himself came to give you a check . Don’t fall for nice car , expensive dress or sweet talk .


  • Message for Indian neighbors


  • Now there will be some instances where you have strangers in ,water meter reading guy, repair , etc etc , I would suggest be bold and ask for ID , You need to have double doors like India , also called storm doors . Even we have to install it  , we have been slacking off in that department .
  • Buy wireless  camera system like these or get ADT or other home security systems .
  • Do not be too obvious that you have ton of gold , be cognizant of enviroment specially in social mediaHere are few cheap products you can buy to boost your home security.
  • Buy a Safe , Most burglars know they cannot open safes and leave them alone ,Its not that expensive , Here is one for just 47$

LED solar Motion detector lights 

This is first thing we bought when we bought our house in March 2016 , Works pretty well,

Use this newer model



Solar Powered Lights and Dummy Camera

I always though about this product , whenever I looked at any camera , I though is it for real or its just there to scare you off . Here a #1 new release on amazon

Pretty cool





Or use this fake camera for 12$ , one of the cheapest investment you can make to secure your house

Personal Security Door Stop Alarm

As I was researching some security products, this one is pretty cool and easy to implement , particularly good when you are going to India for a month or your mother is in home alone when you are at work




Dummy Television Simulator

I was shocked to find out that there is a dummy television TV simulator  🙂 , lol

As I thinking , this product will be extremely useful in India as most of Indian burglaries happen when you are on vacation , Here is India link for this product

Window Film 

This window film make your window translucent , Might be useful in lot of cases . It can be used for beautification purposes too. Just check out video here




There are several other product like this vibration detector

You can buy these cheap bits and pieces or buy full package and invest 200 to 300$ at once

I am seeing a lot of ads for simplisafe  (259 ) , Canary All-in-One , Arlo by netgear




HERE are some nice tip from robbers itself , directly from horse’s mouth .

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