Popular and best selling Indian Tapestries on Amazon

I will be honest , I did not know what tapestries are until my research for diwali shopping items   took me this page.

So What is Indian tapestry ?

Its basically tapestry infused with Indian culture, workmanship and just what India represents, also called embroidery in India.

So what is it used for ?

Anything you can imagine, Here is what amazon is telling me it can be used for .

I have admit they look gorgeous , almost psychedelic , reminds me of hare rama hare krishna mission.

Lot of Indian shows use them as backdrops , Also heavily used as decorating piece for weddings and events.

Here are some good ones ,I pulled a report from Amazon API ,
Seems like Indian Tapestries are quite famous , You can sort and search the report


This is #1 Amazon best seller Indian Tapestry

These are top 17 bestseller Indian Tapestry on Amazon

Here is list of Indian tapestry available under 20$

Indian Tapestry

Indian Tapestry






Common Indian tapestry colors are orange, purple , yellow, green
Although you get in pretty much all color, In fact most of the Indian tapestry in multi color colorful ones.
Bed Sheets 
If you are looking to use Indian tapestry as your bed sheets ,
Its also available in all sizes such as king, queen, twin etc . In fact my in laws got us a these sheets from India . We decorated one of our rooms as Indian themed room .
I must warn you that Indian tapestry bed sheet generally contracts after few washes , so get bigger size that you need, If you need queen , get king etc .
Indian tapestry shower curtain
Not sure how it will look but sounds cool . Here is one I liked , Little expensive but if you have appetite for cool looks , go for it .
Indian Tapestry Duvet Set or bedspread
There is bunch of duvet set available , Its little expensive ,
I liked this one
Indian Tapestry Wall Hanging
This is one of the common use, It can turn any dull room or area into a bright and beautiful .
I somehow always like this hippe one
Other common Indian tapestry uses is for hangers, posters , tablecloth, quilt , comforters, couch cover, plum .

They generally comes in design of sun , moon, elephant, lakshmi, ganesha ,lotus etc


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