Popular best selling Birthday Gift Ideas for Indian husband under 75$

Here is updated and latest birthday gift ideas for Indian husband’s

Whisky on Rocks

If your husband is big into drinking fine whiskeys and enjoy drinks unlike me who like to get drunk ūüôā , then he will enjoy this whiskey rocks which doesn’t dilute the drinks like ice but cools it .

I would also consider chocolate favored liqor which are my favorite , I take it to India everytime and I get a serious kick out from people when they try them.

You should also consider getting him bottle of aged whiskey or these nice whiskey glasses or this fancy wine stand .

I use to be Whiskey guy , Now I am more of beer guy . I didn’t like beer when I came to USA , ¬†I thought its too bitter , I guess its an acquired test , Now I crave beer and since now we have to moved to Edison NJ , desi capital of USA , we get all kinds Indian beer such as Kingfisher , Taj Mahal, Haywards 5000 ( do you remember that haywards 5000 ad , Here ¬†) , We even have old monk XXX beer , Yes , beer not rum .

Here and here are some good ones

whiskey on rocks birthday gift idea

whiskey on rocks birthday gift idea

I have a friend who loves making his own beer  , Here is nice kit to make your own beer that you can give as gift .

Add these Anthon berg chocolate liquer to make it even rocking



Phone Car Mount : 

I discovered this phone mount recently when I was researching for phone mount for my car , I wanted some mount to hang my phone as me and my wife sometimes talk on phone with friends , although its connected by bluetooth , sometime she sits in car and we use her phone to talk , Long story short , this mount is very very convenient

Everyone has phone in India and these pretty much everyone has car, combine these , and you get a new problem , how to keep your phone in car . These new technology of car mount holder for cell phone and mini tablets is amazing and deserve a second look , Lot of old cars dont have bluetooth in India and you will see people driving car with their phones sticking to their ears .

Sports Items

Carrom Board 

We went to party that day and this friend was telling us how her father who is a doctor would disguise himself and visit these shady places where they play carrom board under one light which hanging in between , Its a bad ass world of carrom  players , This is good time pass for you and all of your friends  , You can chill , talk and have something to do .

Here is good one to look at

carrom board

carrom board


We have a best friend Nitin who had a nice big basement , We really enjoy dart as his place , He bought this special dart which doesn’t destroy the wall.


Ping Pong Table 

I really believe this is one of the best things you can have in house , We play a lot of ping pong at my friends place , All of us  enjoy this . Indians are born with ping pong skills , Obviously you will need a basement for this , There are all range of tables from this cheap ones for 99$ to this expensive ones .

Ping pong table birthday present

Ping pong table birthday present

Bean Bags 

This awesome pastime if you have a backyard  or planning a picnic birthday,  This has become favorite american picnic /vacation pastime .

I love corn holes , Its my favorite . You can create your own or buy one online 

Poker Night 

3 Patti was our favorite game in college , We use to play with real money all the time  , I bought this poker set , We do occasional poker nights ,  Lot of fun

I love poker nights, Sit, drink and loose some money . You will need these poker set that sell for 15$ .

Great¬†party ideas for adults who¬†are settled and can’t go wild and crazy specially lazy adults like who me , who would like to sit down with friends , have beer , chat and laugh terribly .

poker chip set for Indian 3 patti poker nights

poker chip set for Indian 3 patti poker nights

You can also throw a poker night to celebrate his birthday, Anyways husbands don’t get to spend much time with friends playing poker after marriage

Blue Tooth Wireless Speaker :

Here a post I have written on best Bluetooth speakers 

I recently bought this one for myself, Check it out



This is must these days for listening to songs anywhere , We own two of them, One of the this Bose which my friend gifted , It has been hijacked by my wife who is increasing our water bill by infinity by listening to songs on that speakers and taking long showers .

I have old iphone 5 that I dont use anymore, I have connected that to wifi, loaded saavn.com and gaana.com and I use that as my music player , I use to use my phone but whenever someone calls or you get message or email , music stops which is kind of annoying .

Amazon Echo is very very solid product that lot of people are buying.,  I like this one which is waterproof and can be enjoyed in showers , outdoors and travels .

This one is new one which has build in microphone so that you can use that speaker as speaker phone , Nice useful feature when talking to family back in India .

Also consider this larger speaker if you have backyard or big basement that can be used parties but portable enough for personal use , We use this for our wedding cocktail for friends , I have seen this pretty much everywhere in small shops . This one doubles up as karaoke player for those old Indian 70s night

Manicure Set 

Love this manicure grooming kit with beautiful case .Love it






GoPro Hero :

At the time of writing we are leaving for Hawaii  for 10 days vacation and we just bought this  hero and this selfie stick , came with head mount and lot and lots of mounts  ,Might be good gift if your hubby in in travels adventure and fitness .

We just came back and found that best pictures are the ones which other people of taken for us , Our face looks too big in selfies , ¬†I don’t like it at all . But it was useful for taking snorkeling pictures etc .

Check out this and this video

Go pro hero session -birthday gift for outdoorsy adventurous and travel enthusiast husband

Go pro hero session -birthday gift for outdoorsy adventurous and travel enthusiast husband

Gym Bags :

If your husband is regular in gym  unlike rest of us , then you can buy his some gym items such as gym bag , T-shirts , shorts , gloves .

Yesterday we cancelled out membership in East brunswick New york sports club , We realized we havent been to gym in 2 months  ,Motivation of new year resolution has faded but summer beach body kida is coming up

I play tennis and as a husband would love to receive something like nice racket or even may be training sessions from a coach .I just this gym bag recently, We play tennis and I use to carry racket, balls and other accessories separately which was big pain . I bought this one while on vacation from Marshalls for 27$ but you can find several one online.

Gym bag for sachin

Gym bag for sachin

This nice sports armband for iphone would be great if he is into running / sports, You can then call poor guy in gym and talk to him while he is working out , just to make sure ūüôā ..

**You can give surprise gift inside this gym bag , He will think gym bag is the present , when he opens it , alas ..Big present for him****

Trimmer and Shavers ( Grooming Kit ):

This is one of my favorite , This Phillips Norelco electric shave are really nice electric shavers  and really saves time , You can combine this with this Art of shaving brush and shaving cream and aftershave .

There is also a phillips grooming kit  which I think is kind of useless for us Indian men as we are not big into grooming ourselves much , This might be useful for men who keep goatee or maintain beard, I personally  think shaving is much useful option .

Phillips norelco for Indian husbands gift

Phillips norelco for Indian husbands gift


Remember how they shave in India , You have a disposable blade that you have put every 2 to 3 times , kinda dangerous when but your husband my get a kick out of using this . As a man , I definitely would , I might even boast to few of my friends .

I had to jog my memory for almost 15 minutes to remember the word “topaz ” , I am surprised that they still exist and you can buy their shaving blades and razon on amazon

topaz Indian style shaving blade

topaz Indian style shaving blade


VR Headset : 

I am not a big video game or movie watching guy , I am still trying to figure out why anyone would need a virtual reality headset but I have noticed lot of people buying these LeNest VR headset (26$ ) for very geeky youngsters. Upon reading reviews I found out that you can insert your phone in this headset and instead of lame viewing experience on phone , you can have amazing 3D kind of experience with these VR headsets , Not sure if its really necessary in life but might make a good gift .

Basically if you are spending lot of time of  phone playing games , it kinda gets cumbersome holding that phone for long time

VR Headset for watching Indian Movies and videos

VR Headset for watching Indian Movies and videos

ToolSets :

I have a friend Ajay in Minessota who is big in house projects , He make all kinds of bar stools , tables , Nice ones like this one Bar stool from pipes

For guy like that you can buy some toolsets or new equipment he was craving . We just bought a house and I have really started liking all the tools ,

Here are some tools you can consider, It will depend on how advanced your husband is , If he is just starting out , then these tools might be good, If he is more advanced then its best to ask him what he needs.

I am not sure why I am fan of tool set, I bought few but never used it. Never mind I have zero handy man qualities. Check this and this tool kits. Aren’t they beautiful and would make a awesome gift for someone who likes working around the house.

Thermals / Personalized sweatshirts

If he is always cold like me , I dont know what my problem is but I am always cold, very cold , I wear a sweatshirt inside house 24×7 ,

You can gift these thermals or these personalized sweatshirts

Personalized Pen

Here is nice parker personalized and engraved pen , includes Parker Gift Box and Leather Pen Case




Keurig K-Cup

If he likes coffee , this Keurig machine is great , Also comes with lots of Indian flavor coffees and teas that you can check out. I think it will be only worth if he drinks regularly once or twice a day , Would be even better gift if he work from home  .We generally make tea at home but there are times when u feel too lazy to even get up , This machine is good for times like .

My wife recently became health conscious [ she get a health conscious attack every few months and buys all kinds of things and never touches it after 7-8 days ¬†ūüôā ] , This time she claims we should stop drinking indian chai and bought like 50 bucks worth of teavana teas, She bought this green tea, one for energy etc etc , Lets c how long the fad lasts this time ūüôā

Coffee Maker with a box of Indian Chai K-Cups


Badminton Racket and Shuttles-

2 of you can play badminton in backyard or basement if you gift his this badminton kit, Try these really nice LED shuttlecock  so that you play even in dark , kinda cool . I am getting a badminton racket set as we have nice decent size backyard now ,  my wife claims she is badminton champ :), probably champ of her gully or building, :),  [ I really doubt if she can even hold a racket properly :)))] , Reminds me of this scene from mean girls , Skip to 13th second .:)) lol ..


Mens Wallet :

Mens wallet is my favorite gift for few reasons, first you don’t have to worry about size , Its pretty much standard, Second every guy needs a wallet, May be not now , may be in 6 months , he has to pretty much change wallet every year or 2 ¬†.

Here , here and here are some best sellers

Belts :

Just like wallet , belts are also necessity,¬†only thing you need is your mans waist size that too approximate ¬†, There is no way you can get this wrong , as belts have different holes for different waist, All you need is guestimate to your best knowledge , If you get this wrong, I really dont know what to say ūüôā

Here and here are nice popular ones

Perfumes :  

My favorite was this Black code by armani , I have been using these for several years , I tried few but Black code is gold standard , atleast for me .You can even surprise your dear husband by putting this cologne on his clothes .

I really like this 5 piece bvlgari collection for 30$, This way he can try few perfumes and if like any of them , He can buy bigger bottle . WIN-WIN ..



You can check out perfume best seller list that I have created from data collected 


You cannot go wrong buying Iphone or Ipad , Pretty standard, You can do the standard Indian thing, Buy a new iphone for your husband and send the old iphone to India , A friend of mine bought iphone 6s for his wife or IPAD .

You can always buy this kindle fire for 50$ or samsung tablet for 150$ if budget is tight [ which is the case for majority of us all the time]


Picture Frames :

One of my favorite things is pictures , I print a lot of pictures , I love the idea of digital frames , cost it the only factor , prices have really come down , You can get a digital frame for 39$ , It used to be 60-70$ minimum earlier , You get this cloud version which you can update from anywhere and using your mobile app , pretty cool

One of the idea I would suggest is that , if your husband has big birthday which I would consider like 30, 35, 40 , 45,  50 ( MEGA) , then gather all his pictures from childhood and load them in one of the digital frames , It would be nice surprise and I am sure he would be ecstatic.

I  have explained what digital photo frames are out there along with price and capabilities here

I would also suggest handmade photo album / collage of your life together , There are many site which can print collages like shutterfly , snapfish, walgreens etc

Car Items 

Is your husband car crazy person ? , Car crazy person is defined in my language who loves his car more than his wife , Classic symptons include staring at the car for long time , keeping it neat and clean, checking everyday to make sure there are no dents, servicing the car before its due , He would rather break the friendship than giving car to a friend

For person like that you can buy this new portable car jump starter that I just discovered is pretty cool ,  OR this car freshner

Necktie+hanky+cufflinks Set :

Really love this combination gift¬†set, Neat combination , Generally you will never find matching tie and handy . Good one , I personally don’t use hanky, I kept loosing at alarming rate and quit buying , Plus you have so much paper towel available everywhere in USA .

Books :

If your husband is doing or thinking about doing MBA or is just interested in business or very career focussed , I would suggest these books which summarizes wisdom from top all business books of all times .

I am a voracious reader , I have purchased and read quite a bit of business books , They are all good but they really mess up your head , Thats why summarizing these books is what I would have read .

If you dont have time to read all your favorite best business books , READ THIS  OR  THIS BOOK which pretty much summarizes everything about Top 100 Books *

Check out the top  business books of all times .

More updated ideas on Gift to India main page which is updated daily with fresh ideas OR this pinterest husband birthday gifts page

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