Best Websites for online cake delivery to India

Online cake delivery to India¬†for parents , friends ,relatives is still quite painful¬†. I can’t be believe we are in 2015 with such heavy investments in ecommerce we still don’t have a very reliable cake delivery system. I have put together bunch of sites we use to send cakes.
We all have different considerations while ordering cakes , For me I want something easy which takes american issued credit cards and I can do everything online . I am too lazy to call or have to confirm anything ūüôā, Flipkart , Snapdeal , jabong, paytm and other big ecommerce sites don’t have ability to send cakes as its a perishable item , Other wise they would have been the best since I dont want to register to another ecommerce sites.
So there are few considerations to think about  before you send  cake . Most of them have been taken care of vendors except few , like if you want your sons face on cake . Now we need to really worry how to that . I have listed some crazy and fun cake options. First thing we want to decide what kind of cake you want
If you want a simple ¬†Happy Birthday “DAD” OR “MOM” cake , you are ¬†in luck because all vendors mentioned here will do that for no extra cost
If you are little crazy like me and want something ” HAT KE ” to stand out or if its very big occasion such 25th anniversary or 50th Birthday , then you need to do something BIG and BOLD . Come on , dont be lame and do think outside the box .
Put the family photo on Cake 
Most common one , Put a picture of full family on cake , You can customize such putting face or parents if its their anniversary or may be cousin, Sisters graduation etc etc . You get the idea right
Make it theme Cake 
Make cake in size of numbers or letters , Like it its 50th anniversary , Make 2 large cakes with numbers 5  and 0 or what we did our wedding cake , Made 2 cakes with letters S and K  .
Check out pinterest Cake Ideas for several good ideas with photos , Once you have decided which one to order , We will decide where to order and who can deliver your crazy idea.
Consideration for the Cake
1) Which cities can you deliver cakes — Most Big cities are very well covered
2) When was your  website established- Stay away from new sites
3) Do you provide phone support –
4) Can you customize /personalize cakes ? – Most of them can depends on what you want
5) What is your turn around time , Are you open 24×7 ?-
6) Do you take American Credit Cards ?
7) How much is delivery fees ? —
8) Can you send message along with Cake ? — YES FOR ALL
9) Delivary at specific time mentioned before 8 etc – Most Deliver on all days
10) Delivery on Sunday or Holidays ?
 Few Things to keep Handy Before You Order
  • Most website I have tested are flaky , so expect little issues
  • Be ready to provide Indian Mobile /Cell # as they will call that number ( If its a surprise then you probably want to enter your friend or neighbor who lives near by )
  • Keep your message ready , Message 1 is to be delivered with cake and Message 2 is what you will actually put on the cake .

Payment Options 

Most vendors use standard payment gateways and accept Visa /MasterCard /Amex .Most vendors I tried , you will reach similar screen . So rest assured your American issued cards will just work fine .

Online cake delivery to India

Online cake delivery to India

Ferns and Petals has been quite reputed for flowers and cakes over the years .I have personally used and found this quite useful
Indiacakes have pretty good options with cake and deliver to almost all cities .
Foodpanda recently received like 100 Million in funding, It has been growing rapidly . Site is good and hungry for business but I found limited options for cake
Monginis :
I bought Monginis cake for my wifes birthday and my best friends Mandeep and Tina 10th Anniversay Cakes are good . If you are physically in India , You will definitely find Monginis all over the place .
Online cake delivery to India

Online cake delivery to India

We ordered our pre wedding cocktail party cake from Country oven after we tried at our friend Kalyani and Pravins Place who have very good choice with pretty much everything. They recently opened a branch here in Herndon Virginia . Really really good cakes . They are originally from Hyderabad but have been expanding west .
 Cocktail party cake picture
Baskin Robbins
Most of us know Baskins Robbins in USA for few reason , lot of desis own and work there  , right next to dunkin donuts . I have a strong feeling that Indians love Dunkin Donuts . I love Dunkin donuts to the core till I drank Tim Hortons Coffee which is mind blowing if you ever get a chance to try it. Try it .
is like yelp which lists food establishments . I was able to search for quite a few cake delivery options here .
Delhi NCR
Ribbons and Balloons
Cake and Cream Factory  :
Bakers Basket

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