New Innovative car air freshners for 2017

I remember those old days  , keeping car fresh was to get down at car station and buy this cheap little hanging trees which has these intense smell ,

Too strong for first few days and its gone in few weeks ,

My car was never clean , I just think its waste  of my precious time to keep it clean when I can spend same time doing something productive 🙂 like sleeping .

Things have changed , not much though

Here are some new kind of car air freshners and automotive fragnances available .

Lets start with this old age old companion which is still fighting for survival , still going strong though.





Next wave of automative freshners came with controlled scent  ,Basically you snap a transparent ball to your car vent . Thats when I got introduced to febreze  ,

I still use this technology , It works so why change it





DISCLAIMER : Its not necessary that these products get out in these order , Its just that I came to know about them in that order.

Then came wave of freshners which was kind of spray that you spray manually ,

Not only they freshen up the car but always removes odor from smoke Etc

This Chemical Guys AIR10116 would be great example of this , This bottle totally looks like chemically laden , but they claim to be natural . Anyways this seems to be very powerful anti odor , anti fart 🙂 scent 🙂 ..

Premium air freshener

Premium air freshener



Latest in the round of scents I have discovered

This refillable  Air Spencer CS-X3 Squash Scent Air Freshener can last as long as 4 weeks after being used. Unlike other car air fresheners that have to be hung by a mirror or on the dashboard,  Spencer  Air Freshener can be placed virtually anywhere inside the car.


Boss : What do we come up with now ? Everything is out there .

Intern 1 : Lets make car freshner that we can keep anywhere in car instead of vent or mirror ( I guess that ‘swhen Air spencer was born )

Boss : What else

Intern 2 : Not be outwitted and outsmarted, Intern 2 said ,Well how about car freshner that goes behind the seats, that space is unused anyways ..( now folks that’s when Purrgo air freshner was born _

purrgo car freshner

purrgo car freshner

Hmmm…Now boss is happy but still not happy


Boss: What more you morons ?

Intern 1 : After being snubbed by Intern 2 and not be outdone ,

How about we keep a cheap jute bag with sand in it , which will virtually cost us nothing , We can claim it absorbs all the smell from the car ..Thats when Moso Natural Air Purifying Bag was born.




Boss : You are hired fulltime ..



I can only image in few  years we will have auto detecting car purifiers which will be connected via internet . There is already one from Febreze

Update : 

Recently I have seen these new kinds of package of air freshner and lot of people seems to buying it , It lasts around 2 weeks and comes in several different flavors.

California air freshner

California air freshner


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