Mother’s Day Gift for Indian Mom


Different type of moms

Useful and Daily Use



Now lets move on more Materialistic Gifts  

Hate to do this but not all mothers are same and one gift that is applicable to my mom  is not applicable there . For example my mom is quite active  inspite of knee problems, Love to socialize and explore, read and go regularly to temple . She would hate a necklace or ring kind of jewelry as gift.

Different kinds of  Mom and Recommended Gifts for them

Active Mom : She loves to walk in garden and also doing something . She hate the though of sitting at home.

Sub Catergories :

Active as in – Gym Active

Gym shoes ,Gym Bags ,


Social Mom


Sick Mom ( that sounds so rude :, Sick as in Medically )



Cooking Mom


TV  and Movie Buff Mom


Shopping Mom


Missing Mom – Mom who loves you wayyy to much and misses you all the time . I know what were you thinking , Mom who is missing all the time .

Commanding Mom : Mom who rule the household and dad is pretty much like namesake head


Husband Shadow Mom : Pretty much who is wallflower and listens to everything and anything dad says.



Working Mom :

Blue Tooth Wireless Speaker :  My mother in law loves listening to music but she changed the phone and was requesting everyone to put some songs on her phone . Finally I just downloaded her gaana app and connected Bluetooth wireless speaker in kitchen . She is so happy , she has mentioned to 1o0 people how lucky is to have son in law like me 🙂 ..ahem ahem.Hope she doesn’t read  my self boasting post . She now listens to bhagans, devotional songs , aartis in morning . Anything you can do make time pass for elderly is always good.

Watch us having fun during baraat using Bose Speaker 

Mobile Phone

Alternative might be just buy  a smart phone if they dont have one , Just buy them one , They will resist and fight back that they hate this new stupid phones but in few weeks they will get addicted When you buy phone , make sure to get everything preloaded and working for them such as whatsapp , music apps, skype so all they have to do is press and go . You will need lot of patience in  teaching them . My mom hates me for buying her cheap Samsung 8000 rs phone but hey it works and has whatsapp, better than old Nokia . 













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