Megalist of Fun party games for adults -Practical guide based on experience

I have been partying way too long , These days its quite dinner starts ¬†and boisterous ending with wine with select few friends. We are getting lazier as we grow older but we still manage to plan squeeze few games when wine takes you over ūüôā

There are probably hundreds of game that you can play in party , Frankly most of them are unsuitable , those only look good on paper , Its hard to pull them off , Very difficult to execute and teach people anything when they are drunk , Need games with short learning cycle and quick to be implemented .

So from top to bottom I have put games which are easy and practical in ascending order of difficulty to pull it off . Rule of thumb is do not teach any game when people are super drunk , Just stick what everyone knows or if everything fails , just dance  . Trust me

Flip Cup Or Tippy Cup Or Flippy Cup

This game is lot better than ping pong to get early start  , Do not try this at last stage of party when attention span of people is less than bee brain. I like this because there is lot of noise and pressure to perform .People excited as thrill goes up as end nears, Love the noisy atmosphere it creates and kind of unites the team. Great party starter .

This are not limited to college kids party , Anyone can do it , We are grown adults we still do it .

Here more information about the game .

All you need is flip cups and beer  .

Flip Cup Party Drinking Games for Adults

Flip Cup Party Drinking Games for Adults

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Beer Pong 

I like beer pong in maintenance stage of party like middle part , where you have to kill some time . Great game . I would probably just buy Beer Pong Kit ,which contains every thing including 2 non slip mats which might be useful as I think about it .

Beer Pong kit Adult drinking games

Beer Pong kit Adult drinking games


Slip and Slide 

Nothing brings out the kid in adults better than slip and slide , I went to a party sometime back and they has this slip and slide , Man I loved it . Too much fun .

All you need is this slip and slide plastic and some soap liquid   . Soap is not required but will make sliding more fun and easy  .


slip and slide Party game

slip and slide Party game


Blast Sprinkler 

Love this blast sprinkler , its unpredictable blast keeps people busy and entertained .

Geyser Blast Sprinkler for adult party games

Geyser Blast Sprinkler for adult party games



Dumb Charade

Here is more information on how to play this game . We Indians play this a lot  , its lot of fun , no set up or learning required  .Its our favorite pastime.

Going to picnic- Check

Going in train – Check

Party game for adults
Stickers Sticking – Best Party game for adults

Love this game , its very simple , you get the these funny stickers  , Everyone gets these stickers when they enter the party , you have to stick these on another person without him noticing , If he catches you , then he gets to put his stickers on you. Person with least stickers win .

Stickers are little funny and so you need little bit mature audience , otherwise go with these kids stickers , they are still funny but not sexiest , Great party game for adults who are not too serious in life .

T-shirt Signature 

There is beach in delaware called dewey beach ,read as Do me beach ,basically its a party town ,It has nothing but 9 to 10 bars and all you do there is drink . They have a festival in August where you buy t-shirt which has list of all bars on back and a marker. So you start out with a bar , take a shot and then check mark it on your t-shirt, By the end of the night  ,most people are drunk and they kind of check each other t-shirts , write funny comment etc , lot of fun

You can take the same concept and implement in your party . I will leave execution up to you . Make sure to buy these food markers¬†¬†not normal permanent markers :), Great halloween party game, at the end of night everyone’s costumes will be all marked , signed and labeled .

Newspaper Dance

There is a game which I can’t remember the dance where you dance on a newspaper , then after every 30 seconds fold that newspaper into half till it become really tiny. You get the idea , really fun and get very awkward, Great party game for boys :),

I can’t remember but there was a game we played where there is big plastic divided into boxes and 2 player have to keep 2 legs in 2 different boxes , one of those silly funny games .


is that forgotten step son of music party but is still fun . I have a friend Greg who took as too Filipino owned karaoke bars , those small rooms , Its lot of fun .

You will need  a speaker system with microphone and some karaoke CDs and you are all set

Image courtsey : Karaoke

Image courtsey : Karaoke


Lock and Key parties

These use to be rage before, kinda big in UK , each person gets a lock or key and you kinda talk to everyone to find out which key matches that lock, specially good for big group and ice breakers .

All you need to do is buy these locks , 4 pack for 8 bucks , not that bad. You might have to little bit of planning . Great if unknown group of people are meeting up ,

You dont have to go and introduce everyone , One of the best interactive party games for adults . We use to have a lot of these lock and key parties for singles in washington dc .

Lock and key party games for adults

Lock and key party games for adults


Dancing Train

Dancing train is actually not a game but it really get party going and hence I included here . Basically one guy starts running and everyone grabs him kind of making a daisy chain .

Cant find the picture but would have better illustrated that .

Pass on the parcel OR Hot Potato 

Pass on the parcel is quite popular game , also called hot potato in west . Check out more information about it on Wiki 

Pillow Fight 

Who doesn’t like a good pillow fight ¬†, we all have fought with our siblings or ¬†cousins with pillow . Now to do this as adults is different challenge, But I remember seeing an email , They organized pillow fight in dupont circle in Washington DC .

Now make sure your crowd is nice , It can go out of control and violent pretty quickly .But if you care about having fun much more that bearing the consequences like me , then go for it .

These pillows are not that expensive , You can provide 5 or 6 on your own , bus ask everyone to bring 1 or 2 pillows .

pillow fight party ideas

pillow fight party ideas


Tomatino Festival of your own 

Who say you need to go to spain for tomatino festival , You can have your own, Just buy some cheap rotten tomatoes , Get a plastic with some soap and you are all set

In fact , me and my wife went to tomatino festival organized in baltimore state fair , Its pretty cool , Its lot of fun , Smell is terrible .

Mix it with slip and slide , Thats what organizers did for tomatino festival

Here is our picture after the event , Could not take actual camera to take actual pictures

tomatino festival picture

tomatino festival picture


Wine Making

No you dont have to drink , you just need to need some grapes to stomp on , You can make your own wine . If you have big backyard and plan little bit in advance this can be done .

Little expensive to buy all that grapes , probably would cost you 100$ minimum buy hey that will be most talked about party for years .

If you are into brewing beers on your own , this will be easy .


wine stomping party idea

wine stomping party idea



My friend vishal does this every year , Basically its  a day long cricket game along with picnic and party all thrown in together, You can do baseball or any other game .

Its lot of fun .




Age old darts never fail to entertain , If doing outside , put the dart on the tree , btw there are all kinds of varieties available living moving target etc etc but just keep it simple. S

Darts are cheap , Check this one out for 17$ .

dart as party game

dart as party game


Home Made Croquet OR Modified Gold 

We recently went to Jamaica Sandals resort , thats where I got introduced to Crocket ( more info ) . Its kinda mini golf thing . You can do the same in your house ,

All you need is few holes , some balls and a bat . You have your own croquet set up . Best if people at your party are sporty .





Bean Bags 

I love corn holes , Its my favorite . You can create your own or buy one online 

cornhole bean bag party game idea

cornhole bean bag party game idea


Dance off

Of course age course dance off need to part of the party

Musical chair

Age old classic but every time


Antakshari is probably South Asia most popular party games . Everyone plays and enjoys it . Not sure what american equivalent is but its really fun for an hour or so

Poker Night 

I love poker nights, Sit, drink and loose some money . You will need these poker set that sell for 15$ .

Great¬†party ideas for adults who¬†are settled and can’t go wild and crazy specially lazy adults like who me , who would like to sit down with friends , have beer , chat and laugh terribly .

poker set and chips party game idea

poker set and chips party game idea




This is just illustration but you can pretty much make a hole in a card board and start playing this  .

football throws


Ring Toss 

Similar to corn hole but with ropes , same concept , different style . Haven’t seen this game around much though , ¬†This is another similar ¬†game with solids rings instead of ropes

There are 100 ( yes 100 types of ring toss games to choose from ) .Great thing about these games is , you can play them indoors or outdoors depending upon where you live .

Ring Toss Party Game Idea

Ring Toss Party Game Idea

Cards Against Humanity 

This is very very popular fun  game , This is adult only game, The game is simple. Each round, one player asks a question from a Black Card, and everyone else answers with their funniest White Card.

Cards against humanity Adult party game idea

Cards against humanity Adult party game idea


Spot it 

Spot it kinda fun game ,between any two cards there is always one and only one matching symbol, who ever spots it first wins .

spot it adult party game idea

spot it adult party game idea

Make sure to get the party vibes going with some these posters , shot glasses , drinking funnels , having decent party supplies  etc .Go to party city and do some good shopping for party props etc .

When I use to party , my golden rule was , Who ever enters need to take a shot of tequila first . It worked great .

OTHER PARTY GAMES TO CONSIDER (  For more formal gathering such as bridal shower, baby shower, office colleagues , office parties, Christmas, Kids parties, indoor , bad winters    ) 

First place to check it on  Amazons Top Best Sellers in toys and games section . Here is the link 

I find these boring , I like the ones on top  but if you have a group of unfamiliar, formal people , these might work out best.


Pictionary Party Game Ideas

Pictionary Party Game Ideas


I actually like taboo but cannot come up with any answers , so I given up . I love physical games not that I am good at that either ūüôā

Taboo Party Game

Taboo Party Game


 Trivia Games 

There are 3400 trivial games on amazon , Its mind boggling but you can choose more familiar one such as

Trivial Pursuit, Cranium, Taboo, Scrabble , Bingo , pub trivia .

I did little bit of sorting for age 14 and up and selected party for adults , Here are the results  ., 20  finalist

Never knew there was party game for the Big bang theory 

Big Bang Theory Party Game

Big Bang Theory Party Game



Need more , Here is some more adults games to consider for party

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