Made in USA Gifts

Since you taking gifts from usa to india , you dont want Made in China or India products right . Not a rule but try as much as possible and take legitimate Made in USA or Canada products.That way no Aunty can break your heart in an instance .I have created amazing gifts to india ideas. LETS GO ..


I love this Thermos , Look at it , Its a beauty . There are few things that are only used in South Asian countries that you never use in US or Canada, hello when was the last time you took thermos . So take this MADE in USA thermos and folks will love you. It keep anything hot or cold for 9 hours, thats long time . Waw. Even I am shocked as I am doing research .

Cycling Wind Jacket

One of the thing I appreciate about Americans is that they  use good stuff , Let me elaborate what I mean , You will see Indians in gym wearing this long ass t-shirts and baggie pants and nightwear  ( I am guilty of that myself ) ,I am just too lazy but you will see Americans they wear nice fitting gym clothes, You can extend this analogy to any sports such as cycling , boxing or marathon. Ok coming back to point. This cycling jacket is amazing Wind Jacket . Get it and show little bit of Americanness  🙂

Infusion Water Bottle

There are some items you take not to really take a gift but just to make a damn point how we get really good stuff in USA. 🙂  .This bottle is just among them . In India , since its too hot and we cannot really afford to buy mineral water all the time , we keep water in water bottles and refrigerate it

National Parks 56-coin Quarter Map – Made in USA

This stuff is really good for little younger ones. It has a map with a hole for each state. You take quarters and play the game. Fun and educational. Winner .You can also get another version for states .

Blackstrap Men’s Balaclava Hood

Have you ever seen people on bike using chunni, hankerchief and any piece of clothing they can find to cover their faces while driving . Well this item basically solve that proble. Cover your face with Made in USA item . I think I am going to take bunch of these next time

Long Sleeve TShirt:

This long sleeve T-shirt literally says Made in USA , I love it , Looks like a Underarmour married Nike and this T-shirt is result of that .Talking about Underarmour, You must checkout this section of Underarmour , my wife took a lot of stuff for his cousins , Turns out that Underarmour is one the few brands that are not readily available in India.

Darn Tough Cushion Socks : Darn Tough makes some really really beautiful merino socks.They are made right here in Vermont. They also provide padding and cushion They have some many variety , I am sure a lot of people can use it for regular use . Here is section for their socks  

Made in USA Can Opener (Black)

Not sure how many people use can openers in India but I am starting to see more and more companies getting into canned food. This is just in case show off kind of gift.

Aromatherapy pillow Made in the USA

 This is really nice aromatherapy pillow, Basically its scented and you can throw this in microwave or freeze to apply this to any part of the body . Looks like a good ideas for elders and senior citizens. Hmm . I must buy one for myself ,just so that I can get some sympathy about being sick from my wife.

Carry Commercial grade Laundry Bag

Take this commercial grade  laundry bag and see how desi family use this  hundred other ways you never thought about. Golden rule of India, Doesnt matter what you take, it will be used heavily .

  UltraFire®7W 300LM Mini CREE LED Flashlight Torch Adjustable Focus Zoom Light Lamp

Love this Made in USA adjustable focus zoom light lamp. For 4 bucks its a steal. I would take one and give it every family member. Electricity is still a problem in India from experience in Dec 2014 India trip.

 Be Jealous I Have the Best Aunt and Uncle –

Name speaks for itself , One of the many cute baby clothes.

Egg Tumbler Wooden Pull Toy – Made in the USA

One of the cute baby toys

Bendable Tooth Brush

Nevet knew there are bendable tooth brush , Why would anyone need bendable tooth brush, may be because your mouth is round .Anyways this item looks like just cool showoffy idea .


Ibex Outdoor Clothing Men’s Shak Vest — This is beautiful high quality Vest

Scented Candles Hand Made in the USA – Beautiful looking aromatheraphy candles

Zoë b Organic Fantastic Beach Toys Made in USA – Beach Toys that are safe 




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