Latest bluetooth wireless speakers and capabilities

UPDATED : October 2016

Since I have been writing this blog from last 3 years , I have seen some really new bluetooth wireless speakers come out with amazing capabilities , This item has kind of become a must in household , We own 2 , One in each bathroom .

My wife uses this a lot while taking shower , Listens to Pandora and I listen to Saavn, old desi guy with India still in heart .

I am just going to give quick dump , hours of research in few lines  .

Bose SoundLink Mini III (299 ) or II (199)  or  UE Boom 2 ( 199)

–>” If you have money” buy this , There is also Soundlink II for 199 that I have , Best quality clear sound , No questions asked its one of the best products .

—> I have personally own Soundlink II  ( discontinued ), There is sale going on for Soundlink II since soundlink III came out

Omaker M4 (29) or UE Mini Boom  (76) or Muvo Mini ( 48)  OR  VicTsing 

—-> If you need waterproof for shower and travel , rugged speaker , Buy one of these.

This VicTsing is my favorite right now and climbed to <—-#1 best seller , Highly recommend it

I just bought this , as our previous Bose one is now damaged due to water , We accidentally left it outside in backyard and it rained overnight. We were actually painting some stuff we got from garage sale. Here is picture of that . Not the wisest decision . So now I bought the cheap one for my wife .She uses it a lot while taking shower so I wanted something water proof ..Something that is not going to her my pocket even if destroyed .




MagicBox II  (32 ) <——-Amazon Best Seller  OR  Creative Sound blaster ( 122 )  

—> If you call India a lot and need kind of speaker phone capabilites with microphone , Buy this one

—-> Great Output of 10W

Ion 119 <—- King of large bluetooth speakers and undisputed #1 on Amazon

—–> I and pretty much all my friends own this one .

—-> Large speaker for basement , parties , outdoors . I own one of these , Amazing, pretty much must have for all homes .

—-> Bestseller in Amazon

—–>Has karaoke , microphone , 50W output , USB outlets to charge phone etc

Amazon Echo  99 or Amazon Tap 99 or Amazon Dot ( Will be out soon )

—-> Buy this if you need voice enabled command to play music or read news etc , Good product though . [ I personally don’t use voice enabled anything due to Indian accent, Its too time consuming .

Recenly amazon has been pushing these systems heavily .

This cable will save you frustrations  

I highly recommend to buy this auxillary cable , sometimes it painful to connect phone to bluetooth or sometimes it just doesn’t work , I bought this cable and now I don’t need to connect using bluetooth .  Because me and family shares these bluetooth speakers , it is sometimes connected to her phone etc , Too much pain, get a cable .

I purchased this 4 ft 3.5mm cable for 4$ and life has been amazing #1 seller on Amazon. 3.5mm auxillary connection is standard for all phones and bluetooth speakers , I use this cable to connect my phone to my Acura auxillary input .

Anker 3.5mm cable for auxillary input



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