Lastest Popular Blood Pressure Monitors

Updated Oct 2016

I was at my friend Praveens place last weekend and we were chilling , Suddently out of blue, He is like , Dude you want to check blood pressure for pleasure 🙂 ,

Ok there is no wild endings here..everything was ok ..

Point was that everybody has started keep basic blood sugar and blood pressure devices at home , since they are so cheap and have been increasingly accurate over time.

For the same thing we use to visit doctors in India and have to wait for test results for days .

I would highly recommend buying blood pressure monitors as its fast and convenient and might be able to catch a big surprise later .

Here is the list of last blood pressure monitors people are buying for their ,

Its no brainer  , Most people buy Omron Blood pressure , There are few differences as mentioned in this chart .

All of them should a fine job , From reading reviews , this Omron 10 seems to be most accurate and popular than other ones , I have put prices in RED for you convenience.


Omron Blood Pressure Monitor Comparison chart

Omron Blood Pressure Monitor Comparison chart

Still looking for more ideas

Here is real data in excel sheet of what people are buying since last year

GENERATED IN OCT 2016, so should be very accurate, It also gives ship date . <——–REAL DATA SORTABLE



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