Is Irobot Looj worth it ?

We am thinking about buying Irobot Looj  , Since we moved to our house in Edison NJ  , we haven’t done gutter cleaning . Me and my wife are too lazy to even call vendors for quote .

We are very motivated to robotize our house as much as possible as both of us have full time jobs which are quite demanding . We feel like we are doing injustice towards house by not taking proper care of it . After we bought irobot roomba 770 and irobot braava , Next logical step was take care of gutters . I was looking around for more irobot products on their product page and stumbled across looj , the gutter cleaning robot .

I dont think Looj will be that helpful as much as roomba or braava but each gutter cleaning costs 75 to 125$ and Looj costs around 250, so it only takes 1 year to get ROI ( return on investment )assuming you use it twice a year. , Also hassle of calling cleaners etc is too much .

Thankfully Looj only comes in one model and does wonderful job of cleaning .

I think this will be great tool to buy for gutter cleaning contractors and companies .

Here is great few minutes video of real life demonstration , Its much better that irobot have on their website

FAQ Frequently Asked Question

  • How much Irobot Looj cost and is it worth it ?

Its listed on amazon for 249.00, I think its worth it if

*** If you have lot of trees around house and collect lot of leaves and dirt in your gutters.

***If you spend atleast 100 or 300 dollars every year on gutter cleaning pros






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