Is Chyawanprash really good for you ?

This is the burning question I had from the childhood when I use to see ads for dabur ka chywanprash ?

I feel like I need to go to Himalayas to get the right answer 🙂

What does it have that we need to eat it everyday ?

Does it help in anyway ?

Here is my theory

We Indians eat few things everyday like  cardamom, haldi ( turmeric ) etc , Right ?
All indian sabzis prep start with oil, jeera and mohri .

but what about micronutrient like ashwagandha, asparagus, amla which we know are anti cancer but we don’t consume .

Thats why I just consume chywanprash in hope that it helps , I am sure it does not have any side effects or chemicals which can harm us ,

so why not ?

Its not that expensive,

This 12  1KG bottle of dabur chywanprash cost 13$ , thats kinda expensive but anything for health . Jan hia to jahan hai .

A box will last you for a month unless you start using that damn thing like jam or peanut butter .

One thing I noticed that its quite sweet , It must have lot of honey , otherwise it would tasted like shit .

They also have sugarless version ,  I generally prefer sugar version as sugarless versions generally do more damage than it does good. There was a time I use to use splenda a lot , I mean ,you are talking about 10 sachet a day

It really affected my health . Now I am only use normal versions of everythings.


Are the ingredients organic in chyawanprash?

Nobody really knows, everyone claims its organic .

How much sugar does chyawanprash have?

10g per spoon ( 15g) ,

Extrapolate it 1KG -666g

Almost half KG sugar per 1 KG ..but thats ok , otherwise it would have tasted like rotten poop ..

Dabur or Patanjali which chyawanprash is better ?

Both are pretty much same in contents.They all have amla gooseberry as primary ingredient .Dabur has been in market for very long, So I would trust it more, Patanjali is relatively new entrant so I would be careful until..untill long time studies proof it to be safe.


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