Instant Pot Must have accessories

Ou2 2 instant pot and accessories

Instant pot has been very very useful for us , Here is detailed popular article on it ,There are several accessories that are must have

Extra Pot 

instant pot inner pot

instant pot inner pot

Unless you want to buy another instant pot , #1 item I would recommend to buy is extra pot , more bang for buck ..

You can cook and store in one and cook in another ..We just bought another instant pot , so now we are proud owner of 2 of them .

Make sure to buy right size

If you have  these Instant Pot IP-DUO60, IP-LUX60, Smart-60 and IP-CSG60

6 Quart  —- Here is the link

If you have Instant Pot IP-DUO50, IP-LUX50, IP-CSG50

I was somehow not able to find 5 Qt and 8 Qt pots on amazon, so I have provided instant pot website link

5  Quart Model –Here is link

If you have these models

8 Quart Model – Here  -Newly released large instant pot  160$

Instant Pot Lid 

Fit most of the models , 6Qt/6L or 5Qt/5L Size

instant pot lid

instant pot lid



Mini Mitts 

Pretty much every day  I find myself lifting the inner pot or holding it for sautee, I used to use paper towel , finally i got these ,very useful if you use instant pot daily .


mini mitts for instant pot cooker

mini mitts for instant pot cooker



Other spare parts can be ordered from here 

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