Ideas for Games for Indian kids’ birthday parties

Kids and games go hand in hand, especially when it comes to birthday parties. However perfect the cake, the return gifts or the decorations we choose, but the party comes to life only with the involvement games. The happiness of seeing the kids giggle and enjoy your party to the fullest is when you know, that the party sure rocked. Not just kids, but these games will also make the adults become kids for a day, after all a little fun doesn’t harm anyone.

Whether you are an immature at throwing birthday parties or you’re fresh out of ideas for things to do, you are at the right place. Below is a list of games that one can arrange for kids as well as adults at a birthday party. These are some real awesome interesting games which can be played indoor as well outdoor. If you are staying in an apartment, then a few of these games can be played inside the house, however if you can arrange it in your lawn or garden or a party hall than nothing like it.

Here is megalist of Indian Theme Party Ideas 

Musical chair: This traditional favourite will never get old. Played with the help of just chairs and music, this game can be played on any floor surface. All one needs to do is arrange the chairs in one straight line, with alternate chairs facing the opposite sides. As soon as the music stars, the kids have to take rounds around the line of chairs and as soon as music stops, each have to grab their seats and one who fails to, is ultimately out of the competition. This goes on till the time only two are left. Ultimately there comes out to be one winner. This is something that adults as well kids both can play together. As music being one of the things required for this game to be played, make sure to grab on some good speakers for the game. These types of portable speakers will help if the game is played in a lawn or someplace where it is difficult to carry the music system.

Treasure hunt: This is one of the best games for a home party and if space is of constraint. Kids love finding hidden objects, especially when there’s a prize involved at the end. Simply write your clues on chits that will lead to various hidden objects. Get creative with the chits. Also the items which you select to hide can be related to the theme of the birthday party. One can hide all the items before the guests’ starts arriving so that even you can enjoy the party.

Paper ball bucket: This is a very easy prop game, where you can get a bucket and make small paper balls. Aim the ball in the bucket by standing at a specified distance. This can be played with a timer to make it more amusing and quick.

Housie or Bingo: This game has been the part of parties in India as well the US since ages now. One of the most exciting games to be played in an indoor as well as an outdoor setting, Bingo needs to be bought first. This can be also played at the end of the day, when the guests are tired dancing or playing active games.

Pool games: One of my friends had a pool party theme, while another had a party in her lawn area, both the parties, which had an involvement of a swimming pool. I saw some amazing fun and chatter amongst kids in the pool area, playing volley ball, taking part in swimming competitions and even dancing in the pool. One can make use of these kinds of special Splash balls or pool balls to play games in the pools. Apart from the same old clichéd ball games, this is a new kind of game that can be played in the pool area. Each kid gets a chance to put as many rings as he can around the alligators nose. The best part about the game is that the alligator is inflatable and can be inflated and kept anywhere in the house after the party is over.

Bollywood quiz game: Time to recollect your favourite actor and actress. One can prepare a few questions related to all the bollywood movies are artists and make groups of different numbers, depending on the amount of players. Each group will be asked one question and on every right answer, it will be given one point. The last group to get the maximum points, wins. Oone can also induce singing and acting to make the game more interesting. These types of Bollywood books are available to make it easier for you to prepare a quiz.

Hide and seek: No list of games in a party can be comprehensive without Hide and Seek. In this classic game, one person covers his or her eyes and counts aloud while the other players hide (either indoor or outdoor). When the player counting the numbers finishes counting, he starts to look for the hiders. The last hider to be found will be the next to count. One can innovate by switching off the lights of the house, while the player counts, and switching it on as soon as everyone has hidden. To make it more quick while playing in the outdoors, assign a specific area in which it needs to be played.

Dumb Charades: Even after so many years, kids and adults both enjoy the challenge to figure out an enacted movie or a phrase. Two teams are made; one person of each team comes ahead and enacts a movie name for the other team. If the team gets it in a specific time, it earns one point. This goes on till one team with the maximum points win. This game can also be played with festival names, phrases or even poems, etc. This game will have everyone giggling for sure. Grab on to one of these to throw in some not-so-easy phrases.

Antakshari: What better to play than a games involving songs or even dance. Antakshari is a traditional Indian game that can be played by people of any and every age group. Make group of two, you can go for adults and children or boys and girls. One team starts with a song and the letter on which it ends, the other team has to start singing a sing starting from the same letter. Not just songs, but to make it more fun every participant can be asked to dance on one song that is being sung by the group.

Board Games: With so many board games available, Ludo and Carrom Board are still the best. There is rarely an Indian home which does not have a Ludo or a Carrom board lying around the corner. One can use these to be played at a birthday party. Even though these games can be played only by two or four players, teams can be made and pitted against each other. Get this magnetic ludo, to not let your player shift. This is easily foldable and safe to store.

There are also many other games like Pictionary, passing the parcel, and so on which can also be played at a birthday party to increase the fun quotient. Games are fun when they are hosted well. The catch is to prepare all your games well in advance, keep your props ready before your guests arrive. You can hire some game organizers who can set up some games as well entertain the guest in between the gaps if money is not a big issue.

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