Gifting ideas for teens in India – to send from U.S.A -Americas

All your little nieces, nephews and kids of your family and friends, who were ones contented with an occasional hello, some money in their hands or even a box of Toblerone candy, are now all grown up. And they now want your love for them to be more direct and specific. I myself had to go through a lot of thinking merely to send that perfect gift for my niece in India. Going through the internet and various websites that make fake promises about good quality products, I finally stumbled upon

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Based on my personal research, below are a few suggestions for everyone in the USA looking for those good gifts for your lovely teens in India. Whether you are honoring a good performance or a milestone like graduation, these unique gifts from in some extremely reasonable rates, will definitely be cherished by your loved ones in India.

1. Handbags: My niece is extremely demanding and very conscious when it comes to her fashion statement. Going through Amazon, I happen to come across this chic handbag, which not only elegant to look but also stores in a lot of stuff. This stylish piece comes in 100% Cowhide Leather and is also available in various shades for you to select from. Your fashion conscious teen will surely love this unique gift coming back from US.

2. Moustache and Beard Trimmer: The little chap that you saw last time has probably all grown into a handsome dude and is making way to the ladies hearts. This particular product may probably help in giving his mature look a touch of charm. The moustache and beard trimmer comes in six-position beard regulator with memory function. A travel pouch makes it easier to carry it along while travelling. I would really recommend gifting this one.

3. Make Up Brush Set: You may all agree to the fact that teen girls are worried about looks all the time. Based on my personal experience, I have used this as a gift for my friends, and they have loved it, and so will your teens. Coming in a set of 10 sizes (5 broad and 5 thin) of make-up brushes, this is both easy to use and soft on the sensitive skin. It can be used on any skin type. This gift will surely make applying makeup a luxurious experience.

4. Diet Book: If you have a teen family member who is trying to get in shape, then this is the best gift idea for them. This particular book not only helps in building a plan to turn off your fat genes, but also helps keep them lean for your whole life. I find it as a best gift to give to a person of any age group. Whether I am looking for a good gift for families/aunties or gift for my buddies, this one will surely be of a lot of help to everyone. See your loved one be happy and healthy for life with this reasonable and meaningful gift.

5. GoPro Hero: Teens of this generation are very adventurous and innovative. They keep finding ways to explore to various places and what best thing to give to them, if not this. Even though price may be of a little constraint here, but this unique and distinctive camera is worth all that money. For all the selfie freaks, this can be best used with a stick, as it easily captures the world’s most immersive wide-angle field of view. This stylish looking camera can also be used to create high quality videos.

6. Samsung Galaxy Tab 4: What better to gift an Indian than a phone? Teens today are fixated about the android platform and the best selling phone having the android today is Samsung. Available in white and black, this tab cum phone has everything that a teenager would look for. I delivered this to my friend’s son in India a few months back and the response was notable. He loved its features and especially the fact that it had a 8 GB Flash Memory and 1.5 GB RAM Memory. You can also compare the price of the phone on Flipkart and Amazon and go for a cheaper one.

7. SwissGear Backpack: To boost up that style quotient in the boys, gift this stylish Swiss gear Backpack to the teen in teen your family. Not just the teens, but this all purpose backpack can be used by the men too. Whether going on trekking, gyming or to play a sport, this backpack has the capacity and individual pockets to carry all your gym or sporting equipment easily. To top it all, it’s stylish and black. This surely will be a gift coming back from US. I highly recommend this as well.

8. 1 TB Hard Drive: Teens and electronics go hand in hand. Teens these days are quite tech savvy, and you may see them exchanging movies, videos with each other all the time. Here is a gift that they would love to have. This hard-drive makes storing large videos, pictures and movies easy. The capacity of the hard-drive being 1 TB, one does not have to worry about the space getting filled easily. I too own one of these, and I couldn’t have asked for a better gift. It is easy to connect on a computer or even a television and comes with a cover for protection from dust. The product comes with 1 year warranty as well.

9. Silver Diamond Heart Pendant: This gift is quite cute and elegant and would definitely suit any teenage girl’s neck. Best idea to send a stylish and cheap gift that will always be close to their hearts.

10. Watches: Another good gift idea to deliver to a teenager is a watch. However, this particular Samsung Gear is a Smartwatch and nothing regular. Very few people have it in India. Black in colour, with 4GB memory, this is extremely stylish and will surely turn heads.

So, whatever your budget, Amazon sells and delivers items of various categories that may attract a user of every age group. The website contains some very useful and reasonable items for the teens, some of which have been listed above. So make your search easier your gift valued.

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