Why we finally bought Mopping Robot and are quite happy ?

Me and wife are busy professionals , I am really busy and my wife pretends to be busy ūüôā , Anyways lets cut to chase and be real here . We both are lazy and hate to do household chores , We much rather spend our time with our dog buddy or just do something we love .

We get cleaning lady every month to clean up stuff but there is way too much time in between that house get really messy .We jumped on robotic cleaners bandwagon first by purchasing roomba 770 for pets and allergies . Our dog is golden retriever and he sheds so much hair , We have to constantly ,literally , clean the house.

We loved roomba so much , it saves so much of time ,We make decent money to afford a roomba , thats when we decided to take a step forward and look at other products from roomba .

We discovered braava from irobot , same company that makes roomba.

Roomba does great vaccuming but our house gets really dirty , god knows how and needs mopping . Now we do have this electric mopper which releases steam but you still have to do it manually. It has being sitting in the pantry awaiting its use from several months . Its really boring and waste of time to use that damn thing . I hate it ..I would rather stay dirty .

So lets talk about braava , Its basically robotic mopping robot . Same concept except instead of vaccuming it mops .Technology behind it different than roomba. Check out irobot video here

So basically they have two models 240 and 380 T , We bought 380T is price difference is only around 70$ more and you get much more features .
We are now regretting , we should have bought jet 240 which seems to be newer model .



One of the best technology it has which roomba does not , is it knows where it has already been , that so cool ¬†…

FAQ — Frequently asked questions about mopping robot

  • Is it worth it , does irobot braava really¬†works ?

It does work great , Now don’t keep your expectations sky high, Think of braava being a helper ¬†or assistant .If you need detailed extremely clean mopping you will still need do it manually . It will help maintain your house , If you have made a complete mess and expect braava to do the job. It won’t be able to .It just doesn’t have enough pressure or weight, You will still have to hand clean some spots on floor where dirt is stuck .

Basically it wipes the floors but does not scrub

  • Will Irobot braava robot vaccum work outside US ?

Yes it  does support 100 -240 V, You will still need power adaptar to convert from USA pin to respective country. Once you take out of country and use it , warranty from manufacturer is null and void .

  • Which cloths can I use for braava ?

Braava comes with 2 pieces of starter microfiber cloth, As per their website you can use it as many times as you want. But I am guessing you will not want to use it after 10 to 20 times , Its not healthy , defeats the whole purpose of mopping floors .

You can pretty much use anything which fits the mopper , You can use and throw, single use or use it again. We generally dip it in Tide for sometime and just wash it with hot water .

You can use these micro cloths for mopping once you are done with first 2 ones , cost is little higher as they are from irobot , 3 for 20$ . these swiffer cloth for sweeping

Jet 240 uses custom pads

  • Do I need to buy both robotic vaccum and mopping or one of them is fine ?

I would recommend to buy both , First start with roomba , Braava is only mopping not vacuuming so dirt left on floor will carried everywhere . At least first vacuum before mopping.

  • What are other best options other than braava worth considering ?

We considered this Bobsweep pet hair robotic vaccum cleaner and mop ( 2 in 1 ), this ilife v5s which is also vaccum cleaner with water tank mopping but decided against combined functionlity . We are better off with separate vaccum and mopping devices.

  • Can I use my cleaning liquid with Braava mop ?

According to iRobot customer service  water, Bona floor cleaner, and Clorox Ready Mop are suitable for braava use. Bleaches and hard liquid is not recommended. I use hard liquids sometimes when floors are very bad shape, Its works well, decision is up to you .Do not put any strong detergent in cartridge or reservoir.

Here is current update page which list which are approved liquid

  • Does it work with all kinds of floors ?

Yes it works with hardwood, marble, laminated vinyl , wood , tile and all other kinds of flooring.


  • Which braava should i buy 380t or Jet 240 ? which one is better¬†

We bought 380t as it has much more features like more cleaning and sweeping area, universal cleaning cloth usage etc and price difference is not much to justify 240.

But you should consider jet 240 as ITS NEWER MODEL (2016)  whereas 380t was released in 2013, According to irobot , 240 will do much better job

  1. Braava Jet has ——small compared 380T —half the size
  2. Braava Jet does not have charging dock , uses removable battery like you cell phone
  3. Braava Jet can be stored in small areas and go where in much tighter area.
  4. Braava Jet needs its custom cleaning pad that you have to buy from irobot , It cannot use any cloth. Its color coded for cleaning mean

Check out meaning of each pad , It automatically knows which cycle to use just by the color . All pad have detergent inside which is combined by water




  • How much total area can braava clean ?

According to its website it can sweep 1000 sq ft and mop 350 sq ft in one charge or cleaning cycle

  • What are different cleaning modes for braava ?
Cleaning modes for braava

Cleaning modes for braava

  • How long does it take to charge braava before you can start using it again ?

Around 80 to 120 minutes

  • Will braava clean my rugs and carpets as well ¬†?

Braava will smartly work around the carpet or rug area if its of decent thickness  but if its thin it will go over it or sometime under it

  • Will irobot ¬†braava work in India ?

Yes it will , you will only need this adapter but warranty will be terminated if used outside the country .Braava 390T is also available in India .HERE but newer jet 240 is not available.

  • Can I give braava as gift ¬†?

Of course yes , If you can afford it , Will great gift for housewarming or newly married couple or parents who are getting old to clean and maintain their house.


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