Experts Share Opinion about What they took

Here are few experts that are frequent India travellers and they recommend few items .

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Take all your legal papers and sponsor 2 of your relatives or friends.
I also like to take Electronic photo frames that plays videos, shows world time and pics of course. I also take pics of my local cities either shot by me or store bought Panaromic pics of say NYC, Golden Gate Bridge etc. Then get them framed in India and give them as gift. Great way to carry gifts for all homes n families with no baggage weight issues.
Also household kitchen tools are appreciated. Like peelers, chef knife, etc

Saroosh Gull- Founder and CEO EventCombo

Any gift that is specific to, and represents the area you are coming from, would be a good gift to give. People enjoy gifts that are unique and that are something they might not be able to get where they are. It is also ideal to get a gift that is particular to the person receiving the gift.

Soniya Ahuja -Founder-

Chocolates are a must have when you travel. I started taking Lindt truffles for my friends and they were a hit and almost every person I know who traveled after that, was taking the same chocolates for his/her relatives/friends. I also got a foot spa/pedicure machine for my mom along with a Shiatsu back massager. She loved them both. For my girl friends I bought some wallets from Nine West, Guess, etc. and of course they went crazy for them. I also bought a couple of Make Up kits from Macy’s and Claire’s for a few other friends


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