Comparison of Digital Photo Frames Capabilities

I have spend quite a bit of time in researching digital photo frames and I going to give you a short dump of what you need to buy

Update Oct 2016

IDEA ® —>Another Idea would be to just buy cheap tablets , download facebook or photos and run them in presentation mode, You can even use tablet sometimes for other purposes .

, Here is the list of cheapest tablets

NIX (non Wifi) or NixPlay ( Wifi or cloud enabled )

NIX is most popular company , They make several versions and it can be very confusing , Also you want to buy latest version

Price of the item depend on

– Size and resolution  of the screen

– Whether is Wifi / cloud enabled or not

From my research from May 2016, Here are latest and greatest that you should buy

Forget about NIX Models ( Non Wifi/cloud models ), Just go with Nixplay

 Nixplay -7inch-  $99.0 – cloud/wifi enabled – Motion sensor – 4 colors to match your wall –

–  Nix play- 8 inch – 129.00- cloud/wifi enabled- Motion sensor

–  Nixplay -10 inch– 169.00- cloud/wifi enabled- Motion sensor

If you want cheapest with best reviews go with ( NON cloud/NON wifi enabled )

this aluratek for 50$ ( This was 39$ few months back ) – Keep checking the prices  OR

this Micca  for 44$ , Also plays music with built-in speaker and headphone output jack.


Cloud / WIFI Screen Length Price Date Product Released Discount Link To Buy  Storage
YES 7 Inch 99 Jul-15 Click HERE  ( recommended )
YES 8 Inch 129 Jul-15 Click HERE 
YES 10 Inch 169 Mar-14 Click HERE 
NO 7 Inch 50 Sep-10 Click HERE 
NO 7 Inch 44 Aug-11 Click HERE 


If you are giving this as gift and need more ideas , I maintain up to date page for gift ideas here 


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