Best Gift Ideas : From USA to India

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Detailed Checklist - Gift Ideas for India Travel

What gifts to take for family, friends, relative, nephews and nieces for wedding, anniversaries, birthdays + Real Data


Updated Sept  2017. Detailed checklist and live data on best gifts to India ideas take to India from USA. Unique Ideas and recommendations plus some amazing deals for gifts from USA to India.

Walking Shoes

In India not everybody runs but everyone walks, morning walks, evening walks , strolls . Love these walking shoes . If your friend or relative is avid runner or more than occasional walker, Consider taking saucony or brooks . Those are best running/walking shoes in market.We send these shoes to my father in law who is avid marathoner in pune every 6 months.Last time he bought saucony guide 9 and now guide 10 is out.Here is his pic from latest goa half marathon.

Herb Scissors :

So I was interviewing our friend Smita from fusetv who is genius when it comes to shopping, also a self proclaimed amazon slave 🙂 , She recently sent some items with her husband to India , Here they are

She sent this for her mom , After checking that scissors , I was like , its so damn simple but effective , Why did somebody not think about it earlier. Imagine cutting mirchi or bhindi  in one cut . She also sent this double sided omelette pan and this flip and turn spatula ( all innovative products I would have never imagined in wildest dreams that it exists ) . She also sent shower curtain , Whole bathroom including dryer were getting wet and getting damaged . She also sent a brand called sabon ( pronounced “Sabun”, desi style) , which is not available in India , particularly this sabon body butter , very innovate , box is microwaveable so you can have your level of thickness . She also sent these kellogs rice crispies which even my brother in law is crazy about. This olive oil cause bottle is cool .

Decals : These are some nice decals that you can give it to kids to decorate there room

Badminton Tournament invitation

NY souvenir Scarves

Quite a few people are taking this beautiful new york letter knitted scarf .

One of the reader Mahesh Kumar suggested me these Camping and Gaming items
I always wanted to include these items but thought those items are too big to carry , I have purchased tents and sleeping bags several time, I always have to buy new tent everytime as I am never able to assemble the tent back to its original shape and all those sticks are lost in back of my car  and disappear from our house . USA offers best Campgrounds and parks and hence the best tents and sleeping bags.
    i) Tents
   ii) Sleeping bag
Gaming Enthusiast
can add some details on
    i) PS4
   ii) X-box

Diffusers : Recently I was searching for diffusers ,  I love agarbatti ( incense sticks ) smell but its too dangerous and we are scared that our dog will get hurt, Found this and this diffusers which do a pretty good job 

Fisher Space Pen :  A co-worker of mine suggested me this. When he bought it last year to take it to India. It was a big hit with everyone. Popularized by movie 3 Idiots . Not available in India, Made in USA. Always creates lot of curiosity. There are lot of them but I like this one as it has USA flag on it. If your parents/relatives is in contracting or construction, This one is perfect.

 this Personalized engraved pen from parker .

Lint Roller : Despite all progress India has made , You still don’t get lint rollers in India. My brother in law asked me to bring 3-4 of these in last trip to India. Scotch brite makes the best one for decent price, HERE .

Blue Tooth Wireless Speaker : I got married last month in India. Friend of mine gifted this to me before my trip , this is most amazing, thoughtful and useful gifts I ever received. We used it for dancing in trains and playing tons of games. #1 Item I use today, buy it immediately. Plus this is #1 Best Seller in Amazon. Small enough to carry to India.Watch us having fun during baraat using Bose Speaker  . You can definitely add this Motorola Bluetooth stereo headset  bucks for younger generation

Update :Just found that ton of people are buying this outdoor and shower speakers,Perfect for travel or your india trip,

Update 2:Lot of people are also buying this one, It has powerful output and a very  useful feature of build in microphone so that you can have handfree phone call , really cool , I would say.

I have written about best bluetooth wireless speakers here 

Spicy Wasabi Peas NEW!

Indians haven’t heard about wasabi , atleast I didn’t hear till I came to USA , but Indians love spicy food , they are missing big time on wasabi and get special kick out of it . Highly recommend taking these bags and give it to everyone .You can also take these macademia nuts ( They are so yummy 🙂 , you will go crazy , its like eating butter . Also try brazil nuts . Both of these are not available in India and everyone would enjoy some variety and taste .You can also take these mixed fruits from Trader Joes , Who doesn’t love trader joes , Those smiling faces , cool ambiance, free coffee shot make even grocery shopping fun.

Update May 16: Just came back from Hawaii Trip with my wife , We went to Macadamia farms, Mauna Loa is famous company that makes macadamias there, They have all kinds of macademia nuts but dry roasted and honey roasted are the best ones .

Knee Belts  : Pretty much all senior citizens in India have knee arthritis problem. My mom is suffering from the same pain and doctors have recommended knee replacement. I bought one of the knee belts from a local dealer for Rs 4500 for a pair. Seller was a work from home  independent dealer. My moms neighbor told her about this lady in Pune that sells this. So far it was worked pretty well for my mom.

New! While researching for some knee and other joint pain medication for my mom, I stumbled  upon Penetrex which is suppose to reduce pain. Its amazons #1 best seller with 9000 positive reviews , I have a feeling this will be really good. I am sending these with my sister who will be visiting me in Nov 2015 . As of April 2016 ,my friends mom who I send penetrex is very pleased with this product and my friend is buying this every month now .

New : I was researching some pain relief items and came across this electrotheraphy device, Its a home version of what physiotherapist prescripts , After reading reviews, it does look like it relieve pain. If you are not closed to your loved one, this is one of the best things you can give . Not that expensive too .. ..Here is link to india amazon .very steep price.

Thermals : 2014 was coldest year for India, It’s almost as cold as the USA or even more in some places. Send these thermals to your loved ones and show you care. It  gets really cold if you drive a 2 wheeler. As my friend Sameer would put it roughly , It will freeze your b***s. You can also try these thermal gloves with palm grip for riding bikes and motorcycles .Use these for extreme cold temperatures or someone who feels cold all the time (me 🙂 . Also try this 3 piece cloche fur ( Hat, scarf and glove) for womens winter set rocks

Spider Tech :  You still don’t get Spider Tech in India. My wife’s sister who broke her leg had asked me to get one of these for her. She is in love with these, amazing support and perfect for those healing from leg injury. You can wear this for 1-2 days. Easy to use. Here’s the link 

–>Update :Amazon Now Ships Directly to India. Use AmazonGlobal Service . Here is more information

Degrees By 180s Mens Fleece Ear Warmers

I bought these fleece ear warmer for my Mamas and nanaji . He generally goes for morning walks even in winters and this will help keep his ear warms. You get this in India but fleece quality is not that good and fleece comes out easily and sticks all over the place .

I bought these leg warmer very recently for my wife for her euro trip and she said it was very useful and she used it daily.

Drones New !

Drones is coolest toy you can take for kids or adults, period.. and if it as camera attached to it , they will love you death , Here is list of popular drones that you can take in your suitcase ,

Badminton Racket and Shuttles- New!

Lot of people young and old play badminton in India . Here is picture of me playing badminton recently in Gurgaon . There are good Made in USA rackets and shuttlecocks that you can take. If space is constraint just take shuttlecocks. Try these really nice LED shuttlecock  . My friend is taking these this time he is visiting India. Update  Oct 2016: We have joined IBC in Edison NJ , Its kinda expensive but totally worth it. Pretty much everyone use Yonex raquets. I wanted to cheap and bought these Senston ( Receipt here ) which I was planning to return but could not find to do it..Ok ok ..I am being totally lazy .. My wife bought this Yonex Arcsaber from the club itself. Its really nice . I learned from the club and other players that  Yonex Nanorey for beginers and Arcsaber for advanced players is kinda industry standard . My wife somehow thinks she is advanced player :)))) should see her playing some day

Best Gifts to India

Best Gifts to India

Cool  Watches :  Amazing looking watch from US Polo Association with a USA flag, Take this watch in dozens. Your folks will hug you in excitement. This is another watch I really liked,  Buy these really cool looking

Watches were  # 1 gift item , Here are some real popular one that were bought from this site

Soleasy Mens Watch ( really cool)  ****Disney kids watch for  under 10****5 pcs of womens girl butterfly bracelet wrist watches

For giving gifts for couple for wedding or anniversary , Love this soulmate theme where letter love appears in both watches, great ideas

This watch will way to cool for younger 13 to 25 years range girls ,

New : Love these rhinestone weaving ones for less than 5

Grooming Kit
I remember I bought and took these personal care sets  for my sisters several years back , I bought one for mine too , Mine is lost/destroyed/location unknown for several years but my sisters back in India still use this kit , I was shocked to see those after several years , They were like, Sachin do you remember you got this for us in 2007 ,I am like , Ummmm..ummm.I had no idea. Oct 2016–>Just discovered this new set .comes in beautiful box..Perfect perfect gift, you will thank me ..( you are welcome 🙂

Whisky on Rocks New!

Couple of years back , I went to my friends place in Ellicot City Md , He has nice bar along with tons blue label. He was royal guy. He gave me whisky with these rocks which are refrigerated, Since rocks don’t melt like ice, whiskey doesn’t loose its taste. I love it so much , I immediately got myself those rocks , If you have someone in family who is drinks connoisseur, then this item will make his day , hell , it would make his entire year .As you can see I got pretty excited with this item 🙂 .

Anti Pollution Masks : If you live in any major city such as Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune etc. you have faced this problem,especially if  they ride motorbikes. I would highly recommend gifting this one. , or this 3M 10 Pack ( reduces heat) You should also buy this for yourself if you are planning a visit to India .

USA to India Adapter Plug: Buy these pack of 4 adapters for entire family  so that every family member is not fighting over 1 adapter since pretty much everyone has 1 phone and 1 laptop. Perfect for family.

Backpacks : Backpacks are really popular items , I always take few back packs with big USA flag on it for nephews and nieces . I use my backpack heavily for my laptop , I carry it everywhere I go. I bought this one in March 2016 after 4 years of continuous use of my last backpack my company gave me. That damn thing would have lasted another 25 years , It was this one from oakley, these oakley bags are beast , only reason I did not buy because its little expensive but if you heavy backpack user then you should consider that one.Something like this one with American flag Team USA backpack would be a hit.

I took these 2 burst sackpack for nieces and nephews and it was massive hit.

Iphone Sports Armband: If you have anyone in family who goes for running , jogging or long walking , this is nice gift to hold their phone while they walk , Don’t buy for elders, they will never use it, Log kya kahenge , Younger folks will embrace it , some might go for running just to show this off . Double check on phone model it can support .

Chocolate Liquor: This is one of the best gift you will ever take to India. It looks good, tastes good . It must be one of my top 5 favorite items, In fact while I was writing this , I ordered this one for myself.Hmm..Yummy. If you are  travelling for a shaadi or anything take few of them , You all can play some fun games with it. UPDATE: Most of Us are buying this Anthon Berg Dark Chocolate Liqueurs with Original Spirits – 64 pcs. Gift Box (2.2 lbs)

Update: I found this Anthon Berg Liquer at Gurgaon supermarket which kind of sucks .Quality is terrible, Just buy it from USA .Here is the picture


Chromecast or Fire TV Stick : When you go to India , you want to share all cool pictures you have taken in amrica  , may be your F1 student and want to show off your university campus , your camping , dandia, indian temples in your area, your kids, diwali celebration, your bmw or nice car that you couldn’t afford in India 🙂 ,  Whatever the  reason , you can easily connect your smart phone to TV using either chromecast Or Amazon fire or Roku streaming Stick . Wifi is needed to transmit pictures .

Monocular New! : I remember few years back one friend mine gifted this telescope to another friends son birthday. Cool idea but its too big to carry to india plus how long are you really going to watch the stars .I haven’t seen that telescope in ages now. This pocket monoculars serve much better purpose, from trips , sight seeing to just peeping into neighbors house 🙂 [do not do that, bad manners, unless boy or girl next door is tooo good looking , in that case , chalta hia :)] lol .

KeyFinder This is the innovation I have being waiting for too long ,specially for my wife who is most forgetful person I have ever seen, As long as she does not forget me 🙂 , Great for older people .

Medicine boxes :organized by day of week and time of day for medication reminders. I am sure there are lot of friends and family that take a lots of pill, whether they use it or not is totally separate thing but they will appreciate your thoughtfulness. Here is one

This Working Hands Cream is quite useful for 6.98: My mom is always working in kitchen or doing something, her feet is also cracked up . Basically this is high powered moisturer for very dry skin which is too cracked up .These can be combined with this Gel Heeled Socks as support for recovery. Try these 4 pair Made in USA Australian Merino Wool Socks, pretty nice for older people. These Nike footies make good gift too for everyone not just moms

Bengay / Tylenol /Hot and Cold Patches All my friends swear by it, somehow these products just work better. My dadi always used to ask for Bengay, Bengay maliye , kam pe chaliye 🙂

Neck Pillow -Made in USA   Use this pillow while travelling or vacationing to India  and then just offer it someone who might have  neck or back problem. This pillow is kind of unique,  haven’t seen these in India.

University Flag Several years ago when I studied in Univ of Maryland , I took university flag which can really nice quality , kind of triangle ,I wish I could find the picture of it, It looked very good, similar to this, but really good quality. It gave my parents to boast about that their useless son is in USA, They would proudly tell everyone ( without anybody asking for it ) , god forbid if anyone asks for it :).

If you did not study in USA , then you can take flag of state you live in .

Multivitamins :  A friend of mine swears that he takes 20 bottles of Centrum and distributes it to all his friends. Multivitamin fad is coming to an end but still its a feel good factor and will be appreciated by lot of people in India who thinks its a  magic pill cure all.

Gym Bags : If you have a family member who is trying to get healthy or in shape This gym-bag will help them motivate it to take to next level. Recently I was in Pune and I joined Golds gym for a month and I bought one of these bags. Not sure if it will ever be  used but this bag can be used for other purposes also. Another idea would be buy them gym membership. Here in Pune, Golds Gym membership runs Rs. 5500 per month. Flipkart also have some nice ones, They call it Fitness Bags 🙂..As if just buying this bag will make you fit

Presidential soap collection NEW ! :  This US flag soap collection is pretty cool , It has nice US flag , I am sure your relatives will use soap and keep that box for yeas , may be they will sneak in cinthol or lyril inside that box 🙂

New York Pen: These set of 12 souvenir NYC gift pen is pretty cool, Try this New york knitted scarve, Really liked it .


 Phone Car Mount : Everyone has phone in India and these pretty much everyone has car, combine these , and you get a new problem , how to keep your phone in car . These new technology of car mount holder for cell phone and mini tablets is amazing and deserve a second look , Lot of old cars dont have bluetooth in India and you will see people driving car with their phones sticking to their ears .I recently bought this wizgear one, It has been very super useful .

Trimmer and Shavers ( Grooming Kit ): This is perfect wedding gift for grooms  on budget. These Phillips Norelco are gold standard in this category .

If you going to attend Indian wedding anytime soon ,  Here is list of best gift ideas for indian wedding ,

gifts to india ideas

Mens gifts to india ideas

GoPro Hero : I am thinking about buying this one. Its really unique, very few people have this camera.  Cost is the only factor but its very useful.  We went to Vegas for photoshoot and it’s pretty cool. You have to buy camera with the stick or headstrap . For extra motivation, check out the GoPro website for amazing cool videos.

Vegas Gopro Sachin Rajgire Ketaki Wedding

Vegas Gopro Sachin Rajgire Ketaki Wedding

You can even buy these instant camera and take cool picture in your trip and leave a trail of beautiful memories which ever relative your visit.

Souvenirs : Lot of your friends and relatives are not fortunate enough to be ever be able to visit USA , They see it from your eyes , Souvenirs are one of the best gifts you can take .

Try this amazing handbag shaped USA flag metal clip OR this 12 piece NYC Souvenir photo fridge magnet ( I gave this as gift to my friend ) OR this san francisco 3D metal Model OR my hometown Washington DC capitol replica. OR this 12 American Flag keychains for 7.95 You can also try Chicago, Niagara Falls or  Las Vegas souvenirs.

You can also give these 30 collectible NYC postcards


Women’s Bags or Purses : We all know how obsessed women in America are for bags . My wife recently bought a Louis Vuitton and I couldn’t sleep for 3 days. 1500$ for a bag is ridiculous but women don’t think that way. We went to Tyson’s Mall 2 in Virginia twice, before we made up our mind to buy it. It does come with a nice personalized initial stamped in gold or simply embossed check out the video. But my sisters and relatives always wanted a purse, not the expensive ones just the regular ones. There are bunch of them available! Go ahead and buy a lot of them. There are some really good bags for 30 to 50$ (That’s a steal! ) compared to $1500 Louis Vuitton (Can’t even spell the damn name). As you can tell I am still pissed with that unnecessary spending. You can buy a lot of beers and what not with that amount of money.

Here are some popular ones that desis bought from this site ( just learned that bags/purses are called  tote 🙂 HEHEHE. , [[[[[As in dil tote tote ho gaya , song]]]]]]]]]

3 piece tote  ***Keral  clutch for 5$ ( keral NoT kerala 🙂 ****Handbag organizer for 3.37****Bessky Clutch for 2.59


Mens Wallet : One of my favorite gift , gifting wallet is a good idea , First you don’t have to worry about size, whether it will fit the intended audience , second all mens need wallet , may be not today but in next few months or a year , you have to replace it . Here are some bestseller on this site . Calvin Klein bookfold , This Bifold with removable flip is my favorite . Somehow my wallet becomes really big all the crap I carry ,things I think I will need ,  so you can use removable flip to carry somewhere and just bring it back and put it back in , This Alpine money clip . This one comes with a beautiful gift box , lots of space and kinds looks straight out of greek mythology .

Belts : Just like wallet , belts are also necessity, only brain you have to use to select size of waist . Here is nice one from Mission , canvas belt for  , Tommy Hilfigar  .I liked this Nike set of 3

Perfumes :  Girls are obsessed with perfumes. Carry a handful of these for sisters, aunts etc. Not too expensive? Try some of these that are close to $10 here and if you’re ready to spurge, taking it for someone special try these.  Try this too  .

Here are few very very popular perfumes that were bought from this site .

Not sure why desis love this Paris Hilton perfume so much ******My favorite Black for   ******Nautica classic and Nautica voyage$ ******Victoria secret for $ ****** Still by jennifer lopez

Not sure what to buy , try this 5 Piece bvlgari Mens collection

I created a  blog post with best selling perfumes -definately recommended <—-I Update HERE with new perfumes that  everyone is buying

TSA Approved Lock: Quick Reminder if you are going to India, Its a must have, as Indian airports are not very secure and there have been several incidents of stuff going missing.

 Boomco Twisted Spinner Blaster : I love toy guns although I really suck in hitting targets from even small distances. I played this with this gun with my friends son. Its really awesome  + Its best selling toy of the season . Even we adults play paint ball kind of games with it, I just ordered 2 guns for us , Here is screenshot of what I ordered .

Bike Jacket  In India most of us have to drive bike , sometime because of traffic or sometime you just dont have car. Here is nice motorcycle jacket that will prevent any injuries and also looks cool, Great for brothers, cousins or these days even girls who bikers.

Chicago Skate Combo : I still remember very well my dad got me skateboard when he went to nepal , I was like 7-8 years old ,We used it a lot for years , unfortunately roads in our town very terrible as are most roads in India so we use to use it indoors. These days most cities have some nice roads blocked off in morning only for skateboarders , Here is fantastic skates you can take Or this folding scooter if you can manage to pack it in suitcase

Remote Controlled Helicopter: This is one of the bestselling toys this year This one is best and cheapest. This is nice alternative as most kids are obsessed with american rock crawlers.

VR Headset : I am not a big video game or movie watching guy , I am still trying to figure out why anyone would need a virtual reality headset but I have noticed lot of people buying these LeNest VR headset (26$ ) for very geeky youngsters. Upon reading reviews I found out that you can insert your phone in this headset and instead of lame viewing experience on phone , you can have amazing 3D kind of experience with these VR headsets , Not sure if its really necessary in life but might make a good gift .

Tablets/Chromebook: Do you know Ipad and iphones are #1 requested gift item by everyone in India. I personally go with this  Kindle Fire if I were on budget. Ipad is too damn expensive and if everyone is requesting it you’re gonna be dead. This Samsung Tablet can be nice alternative. Few years ago you couldn’t imagine buying a brand fully functional laptop for 199$ .Now thanks to these Chromebooks its possible now.

 Here is fully functional Android tablet for 40$, Yes 40$ , I could not believe my eyes either, If I would have known about it before, I would bought 4 of these for my nephew nieces instead of buying ipad.

Memorabilia : You can take replicas of white house/ capitol , statue of liberty , Golden Gate bridge, Niagara Falls. Ebay might be best option , If you live in any major city there are tons of shops around the attraction. I live in DC area and there are shops around white house or capitol which sells pretty amazing stuff. Check this   on Ebay . This is one of first item when I start shopping for India.

Selfie Sticks and Mobile Power banks /Portable charger: Both  these items are pretty much necessary specially if you are going to be travelling to india and visiting places /friends /relatives . I never used selfie because I hate carrying big stick everywhere , just not worth it , I recently saw this pocket size selfie stick and I might reconsider ,  Both items are no longer very expensive so might be good idea to carry as well as give as gift . You can just buy , use it for your india trip and just give it to someone while coming back.

T-Shirts /Funny T-shirts: There is no shortage of T-shirts but this is cool, Made in USA. Material looks really good . You can create personalized T-shirts with funny comments such as “My sister came from Chicago/USA and all I got was this lousy T-shirt “, Zazzle makes this  ready made -shirt, Here

Toothpaste Dispense and Holder : I am in love with this item, I am sure everyone’s mom squeezes every drop of toothpaste , If toothpaste had life ,it would be suffer worst pain in its life time before death in hands of indian mothers 🙂 . My mom will squeeze till her hands hurt and the rip it open till every micro drop is out . This handsfree toothpaste dispenser and squeezer does your mom’s job . Love it , I haven’t seem many electric toothbrush in India, I took few of these  battery operated tooth brushes and it was hit , I personally use these everyday , battery also lasts for long time. They are really cheap too

Rescue Me Key Chain and Pepper sprady: With increasing number of rapes for women in India , This gift is really good one .Made in USA , so we know it will work great.Originally used by firefighters.

Every women should carry pepper spray no matter who you are, where you are , Its one of the items that we know we should have but somehow we never end up getting it .Mace is most popular Made in USA brand , Here  13$ , Small price to pay for safety. Its like buying health insurance , you never need it but you still need to get it in case.My wife always complains that we pay so much for health insurance and never use it, I was like , isn’t it good news :), Also try this multi purpose tactical pen.

Picture Frames : When it comes to pictures, I go overboard, I have tons and tons of picture at my house. There are lot of pictures frames but I like this one . #1 Best seller in Amazon with awesome reviews.This is very popular gift specially if you cousin or friend is getting married in India. Update : New version of NIX with cloud features have come out ,so you update your parents or relatives picture frame sitting here in USA using an app , How cool is that ? , You can also try this one for 39 which has nice side kick stand

Beauty gift Sets : Beauty Gift sets are staple of stuff to carry. Its a must. They are light and small to carry and looks good when presented. For Men:  This one was best seller from Dove. This one make great utility and gift.

Here are popular and best selling beauty gift sets that people are taking to India,

Dark Circle Creams: Indians tend to have lot of dark circles around the eyes . You can take some creams like this to help with that.

Fitness/Health Items : Most of our family members have some of kind of medical problem, common among them Diabetes, Overweight and back pain . For general health maintenance  this watch is my favorite . Its kind of sleek and does quite a lot. Other common things people take diabetes testing kit such this one from Bayer OR this from Accu-check. Accu check seems to be most popular choice due to their long history . Another popular items are these Digital Blood pressure monitor with memory setting ,Pretty much everyone bought Omron 7 or  Omran 5. Seems like omran 7 is portable ,lightweight and anyone can check blood pressure easily. 

Necktie+hanky+cufflinks Set : Really love this combination gift set, specially if you heading to Indian wedding or anniversary , Pretty good gift idea for groom or grooms close relative. This might not be main event set but can be used for any other secondary events .

Car Stickers : I haven’t seen many Indians using car sticker as much americans do , You can take some car stickers depending on occasion, Like this one if someone is having baby , Twins on board, baby on board

Sunglasses : My gujju roomate use to call it “Gogle “, We use to laugh so hard on him , Here are some really popular gogles ,I mean sun glasses 🙂

Walking Stick or Quad Cane : If you have someone who have difficulty walking, this one is one of the best ones and is amazon bestsellers or try Hurrycane 

Travel Money Belt : This is pretty cool belt , this is not your typical uncle style money bag that you put around the waist like all Asians and walk around , Meet new expandable hip belt for workout or travel where you can store smartphone, passport ,ID , credit cards. Really sleek , Definitely worth checking out  , I kind of stumbled upon it and might buy one.I go  running once in a while but I still need all my accessories 🙂 , As my friends call it , sala tam jham hi jaada hia .

Unlocked SmartPhones: You wont be able to afford Apple phones in India. To damn expensive. I got my apple 5s unlocked for 125$ as I still had some left on my contract. It was totally worth it , instead of using 2 phones , One phone to call and other phone to look at the numbers.

Liquor : I cannot stress enough, take a lot of liquor, a bottle of Jack Daniels is around Rs.4400 and small black label will set up back by Rs.3000. In India liqour is like liquid gold and my friend literally hides in a closet to keep it away from visitors 🙂 .Specially if you are visiting India after several years you can have some good time with buddies.

Pet Supplies : My wife’s family have 2 dogs back in India , We went to petsmart and my in laws were shocked to see how much stuff they have for pets , they took lot of dentastix ( teeth cleaning) and dog treats .

 ToolSets : I am not sure why I am fan of tool set, I bought few but never used it. Never mind I have zero handy man qualities. Check this and this tool kits. Aren’t they beautiful and would make a awesome gift for someone who likes working around the house. UPDATE : Tons are people are buying this toolset  for 25$ , Seems to fit in the bag nicely to carry to india.

Chocolates :Reese’s Cups, anything Hershey’s, Mountain Dew, Twinkies, Jolly Ranchers, Kool Aid, Cinnamon Roll Pop Tarts are all good too! Some of the classics like Ferrero Rochers for a large family. Here is good Ferrero collection box OR just get this pack of 4 with 12 pieces in each for 22$( lot better deal ).  Don’t forget to take at least one packet of Hershey’s kisses that have striking resemblance to modaks ( marathi prasad for ganesha ) .

Brownies : Its surprising that we brown people have not explored brownies in India, with assortment of Mithai available in India .These brownies will look little different and attract tons of attention.

Gold Coins : You probably heard by now that India has banned imports on gold .But you can carry these gold coins with no issues. Gift + Value, now that’s awesome.

Car Fresher : Pretty much all of us have someone who just bought a new car,  Try this new type of freshner which lasts 365 days or this or this one.

Portable Car Battery Jump Starter : I know I know what you are thinking , why this car charger , this new product is ultimate charger and must have for everyone in car , I saw a lot of people buying this on website and I was curious to see how this small little charger can jump start your car . From reviews I read this product looks solid and with many value added additional things.Comes in nice file like small cover to store or take to India.

Wallet with American Bills and Coins : On similar lines for kids , you can buy a wallet for purse and stuff that with US dollars and cents. Kids really love this gift, serves two purpose, you’re following the tradition of handing over kids with ashirwad plus makes it really cool gift!  . 

Customized Wedding Guest Book:  I really love this customized guest book, Its beautiful and will look great, on top of that everyone will ask who got this book. Its still not that common to have wedding guest book.

Books : .Everyone has someone in family that is working towards business/startup or is going thru some rough times need some dose of motivation. For someone who is overloaded with work, this is excellent,  I have read this many times over.I am big fan of Tim Ferriss .You will love 4 hour work week like crazy. Also my personal favorite is Never Eat Alone. For books, you need to think who you are taking it for and what phase of life he is in and choose book accordingly .

Pretzels and Chocolate covered pretzels: Recently a friend of mine was visiting from India and he went crazy with pretzels and then I introduced him to chocolate covered pretzels, he now is my biggest fan! Desis love pretzels and is not available in India

Teas from various parts of the world :I know what you are thinking, we drink so much Chai, why on earth do we need take more Chai to India,  absurd right? But these teas, they have Chai available from all parts of the world, would be nice to try for a change! Surprise your folks with some exotic blends accross the world, I am sure they are going  to say, “Indian Masala Chai is the best ;)!” , It comes with nice bamboo box that you can carry to India or give us as gift .

Warm Women’s Slippers. Excellent for older ladies whose feet are often numbed by the cold, I am not sure if its that cold in the part of India you live in but nevertheless would be a good one to take along. Here is one

Icy /Cold Packs ; This is very popular item to take , Most people take these Accu therm compress or these ice bags

Recharging Parents or Relatives Phone: My mom always had to walk to store to recharge her phone , She had hard time walking and going to local shop to charge was painful , She would call my sisters or even our tenants to get her phone recharged and I felt bad. I found recharging Indians phone with data ,minutes and sms very confusing since we pretty much use prepaid in USA . Friend of mine suggested a site where you can recharge any phone with any thing and its very easy . It also take USA cards .

Fun Game : You can just surprise you parents/sibling with recharge and let them wonder how in the world it automatically recharged.

Laptops :  Microsoft came out with amazing surface 4 which beat apple hands down if you have the budgets . For rest of us we have to content with Acer or Toshiba 🙁  .  Actually brand Acer Chromebook is really good if you have wifi in the house and  if your mom needs just to skype, internet , facebook and chat with you .

Vitamix : Our current health obsession, I swear this is best thing that I invested in! I was initially a little hesitant to put  money in to this but this will be best investment you will ever make,  as my friend would put it, you will bless me for rest of your life! Words cannot explain how good this for you, your health, your skin. I got married last month and I made smoothies from Vitamix to keep my skin glowing. I bought is from Amazon. There are few models , I bought this one. Like all other men , I bought it secretly without telling my wife hoping for the worst. She loved it and we use it regularly now . Here is screenshot of my Amazon receipt , just so that you dont think I am bullshitting . This might be good thing to take if you permanently returning to India.

Roomba or other automatic cleaners 

Although pretty much everyone has kam walis in India but in case you are having issues finding kamwalis , then you can take roomba or other similar robot cleaners .

We have this pet series animal version of roomba as we have our beloved golden retriever buddy. You have to have it specially if you have pet, We use to spend all day cleaning buddy’s  hair, Now life is good. It really cleans well, way better than traditional vacuum cleaner, Its expensive but amount of time it saves you , you could be utilizing that time to do what you really love instead of cleaning the house, My recommendation is not to spend time doing chores as it doesn’t do any good .

Here is list of  robot vaccum bestsellers

Sugar Free Chocolates, anything Sugar Free : India has largest diabetics population, anything sugar free will vastly appreciated and consumed in copious amounts.

    • Keurig K-Cup Coffee Maker with a box of Indian Chai K-Cups
    • You should definitely consider buying this Quik Tea packages for road , if you are addict like me, All you need is hot water . Me and my wife are big time masala chai addicts and we might forget anything else but not this Quik tea , If we forget we find nearest Indian store and buy this , Its its that bad in our household.
    • Throw blankets that are supersoft
    • T-shirts  with Obama/Bush/Clinton stuff on it OR NFL /NBA/NHL Team jerseys
    • Lego
    • Hot Wheels 20 Pack Gift set  + This Toy car Playmat also become storage bag ( genius )
    • Pokeman Trading Cards
    • Bananagrams
    • Since pokeman go is such a rage world wide, there are many products that have come out like pokeman go kids toy keychain  and very popular  # 1 bestseller pokeman go balls with toys inside etc
    • Love this super cute octopus fun toy
    • Love these  48 pack glider planes for 10$ . Everyone happy , you can distribute it to entire mohalla or building 🙂 .


 Bath Bomb

Love these bath bombs , comes in nice package for gift , all organic.

bath bombs for Gift to India

bath bombs for Gift to India

If you have any more ideas that will be useful to our community, Please send it to me at or follow me here at facebook

Please consider sharing it your friends who might be planning a visit to India.

These gift ideas can also be used if you are going to China , Mexico or Philippines from USA .



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      Amazon US just put up a full page dedicated to Indian items , Check out here . You will get very good ideas here . Love the page

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    • Really sorry but I lost contact of the person , It was few years back . I am going to try to find it from my mom to see if she has.

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