Cheap and fun return gifts ideas for 1st Birthday under 5$

Depending on age and gender of kids that are coming for your sons or daughters first birthday,Pick and choose from these list . Always buy few extra number of return gifts for children just in case

My Little Man Favor Box  ( set of 24 )

This is really cute favor box for kids to have some fun and pose for pictures

My Little man Favor Box of 24

My Little man Favor Box of 24

Girl glass baby stroller scented candle

What’s not to love about these baby stroller scented candles ,

Nice color —   √

Useful – √

Nice package — √

Perfect for occasion – √



Baby Keychains


Love this set of 12 boy teddy bear sitting on baby blocks key chain, Really cute ..They also sell same keychain with tiny shoes, cradle or stroller , milk bottles, amazing . I like this and this the most, stroller and milk

Take Note New Baby on the block Sticky Note

I love this as return gift favor as not only it suits the occasion but is useful and comes handy, Not bad for $1.79

New Baby on the block Notepad

New Baby on the block Notepad



Baby on Board Expandable Pen 

This really cute pen comes in beautiful gift box and suits the occasion perfectly

Baby on Board Expandable Pen in Gift Pack

Baby on Board Expandable Pen in Gift Pack


Ceramic Honey Pot with Wooden Dipper in gift box

Sweet as Honey Pot

Sweet as Honey Pot

Cute as Button Round Photo Frame 

Round baby Frame Cute as Button

Round baby Frame Cute as Button

Alphabet Rules

I have seen lots of parents giving these alphabet rulers / stencils , Very practical and useful , 12 pkg for 4$, Not bad

alphabet rulers

alphabet rulers

Cardboard Animal Zoo Treatboxes 

These cute animal boxes make best return favor , Even great if you are having your party in zoo or outside . Make sure to tape the bottom if you are planning to put heavy favors .

You can put following items in these box


chocolates /treat


juice/water/small snack

Cardboard Zoo Animal Treat Boxes for birthday party

Cardboard Zoo Animal Treat Boxes for birthday party

Return gift Pouches 

Whatever you pick as return gifts , you will need these beautiful drawstring pouches . Very Indianish but Chinese origin .


Drawstring bags for First Birthday return gifts bags

Drawstring bags for First Birthday return gifts bags

You can combine these pouches with these little thank you notes , You can attach those with these strings

Thank your for celebrating with us

Thank your for celebrating with us



This little favor bags so cute to paired with

candy favor bags

candy favor bags

If you want something different , try these 48 pack of glider planes for 10$, just put one in each bag .. you are all set

glider planes in return favors

glider planes in return favors

Pokemon balls 

These are extremely popular balls due to world wide rage for pokemon go game ..Put one of them in each bag

pokemon balls

pokemon balls

Happy Birthday Bubbles 

It cannot get any cheaper than this , you get this 24 pack happy birthday bubbles assorted color pack along with wand for only 7$. Drop one in each party favor bag and you all set

Birthday return party favors

Birthday return party favors

Fridge Magnet

Collecting magnets is a hobby for some and for kids you can excite them in starting hobby such fridge magnet collection by giving initial few one .They are sold at souvenir shops locally . Give your guests, a pair of fridge magnets or a pack of it . They make a very good choice for return gifts. You can personalize them with kids cute picture along with First bday captioned over it .

Here is example of nice set of magnet 

Sipper Cups 

Sipper cups for kids  or you will find set of tiffin box, pencil box, sipper and that comes quite cheap last time I checked it .If you want you return gift to look big , Here is good way  .

Baby Plug Plants

Plug Plants — I would recommend plug plants . Plug plants are very popular choice for many novice gardeners, they are the ideal middle ground between growing plants right from seed and buying completely deep rooted plants.

***ALTERNATE IDEA** : You can give seeds and plants and ask kids to grow trees , Come back with a picture next year birthday , kid with most grown tree will get some kind of prize. Also can be a game or theme of the party. THEME Name : Eco Green Birthday –Everything is your design for the birthday is turned Green , One of the most satisfying return gifts for kids .

Flower Pots 

  • mud flower pots –
  • Painted mud flower pots –
  • plastic flower pots –
  • ceramic flower pots –

You can get them at your local loewes or Home Depot or Even Walmart Super center

Fish bowls

Not for everyone but makes it very nice first birthday return gifts idea. As your kid grow , fish  in fish bowl grows and its kind of cute to see them growing. Also lot of parents will boast about your fish bowl gift to all their guests.  This will actually be a unique return gift. Get a fish bowl  and dont forget gift wrap and mark message  ‘Handle with care’ on the pack. Your friends would live it .Check out these unique fish bowls

 Thank You Card –and A Framed Party Photo. 

Its my all time favorite , Material things will fade away but memories remain

High Impact — Large Framed Party photo with your kid and your friends or family + Thank you NOTE Handwritten

Medium Impact and budget : Small 4×6 night frame+ Thank you card

Low Impact : Normal Picture + General Thanks you ( not handwritten )

Crayola washable kids paints

Crayola washable kids paints is most over used return gift ideas but it works every time . Not only its fun but also creative and engaging. Even adults should try a hand on it , just for fun . I always do . I have kid in me .

 Usage : 1 BOX for each kids ( irrespective of age ) . If you budget is higher , you can go with entire Melissa and Doug Accessory Set ( Give it one per family instead of per kid )

This should be actual part of the party for pastime instead of being return gifts  OR If I may dare to suggest , have it both as part of party AND  part of return gifts for kids.

Make sure to have some drawing ready for kids to copy on their faces or even encourage kids to draw on each other faces . For example , if birthday falls on day of Christmas , then ask them to make lights ,candles etc

This prevents kids from jumping all over your house or venue and destroying everything and kind of forcing them to sit . If your venue is house with carpet , dont use this . If your venue is outside in community room then this works best .

Just make sure to give  same thing to draw to all kids , kind of making a game out of it, Gamify everything .

Make sure to keep some kind of spray and wash ready to clean just in case of major spill and stains, Also keep wet wipes OR tissue paper OR towels handy just in case .

Coffee Mugs: 

There are several but this one is amazing , I love love the camera lense theme design .


I own this game, This is one of the most engaging and fun games I own . It comes in really nice yellow banana shape bean bag , hence the name bananagram, Pretty good items for 12$ .

Books :

To many parents focus on gifts that are toys  . Books are the best gift you can give child . It can be anything like maps, history books, fun education books ,  story books , science books, quiz books .There is new trend where I have seen lot of parent gifting books as return gifts for birthdays.  A book stays on your closet for many years to come and reminds them of your event everything they see your gift .


One Book per kid . You can give same book to everyone or order 2 or 3 sets of books and let kids take a pick .

Go with motivational , inventions book, atlas etc

Now you can pretty much give any book but I like to books which has nice pictures so it doesn’t get trashed right away in some far corner. Age old Atlas might be good choice . I am very biased towards geography , inventions and biographies .

Here are best sellers book for children

Maps , Posters and Wall Arts

Maps and posters that can be hanged or stuck on wall is main stay of childrens memories. Let your event be part of their memories, Give them some poster or maps that they will go back and stick on wall .

Here is example of one world map

USAGE : For girls : Famous singers posters such 1 Direction , For boys- Map of world, USA .

ITunes Gift Card 

If you observe kids these days, they are playing games on their phone or ipad, Why not give something that they can use to buy some video games apps. Buy Itunes gift card , It comes $3, $5, $10 denominations so you can gift according to your budget. I was not able to find less than 25$ gift card but I am sure you can drop by at apple store and buy smaller denomination gift cards.

–>Here is some unique first birthday party theme ideas

10 piece premium Synthetic Kabuki Makeup Brush

For 7$ , you get very well positively reviewed 10 piece make up brush kit.

Quick buy and dump it in goody bag .

Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps: Liquid Castile Soap

This 2 piece baby soap is pretty good for that price . I use Johnson and Johnson baby soap all the time just for fun , May be your guests who dont have kids will have to use it themselves 🙂 .

Coin bank with Happy birthday music

Kids need to learn on how to save money . This is great return gift . Whenever they see that piggy bank , they will remember your kids first birthday.

Cute design photo frames

There are several kids design photo frames you can give . Contrary to popular advice , I would not give personalized photo frames but a generic ones. Trust me , nobody wants to see your kids cute picture in their living room.

You can attach family picture of the event where you and the guest family is in the picture frame . You can also give DIY frame kits for kids to make their own frame .

Tiffin Boxes Filled with Chocolates or Sweets 

One cheapest return gift you can do is buy bunch of plastic boxes and fill assorted chocolates and sweets .You can pick up those plastic boxes from Dollar store OR container store ( if you have money 🙂 or if you super lazy like me.

Gift wrap up each box . Thats it . Just on side note there is a tradition in India called Loot which means plunder , where chocolates are thrown in air  and kids scramble to pick as many as they could. Lot of fun , Very common Indian return gift in towns and villages.

Kids Watches 

This is one of my favorites , There are several nice electronic watches under 10$ , there is even a set if 2 siblings from each family. Check out this  watches , They look like expensive watches .


MY OBSERVATION AND RECOMMENDATION : Many parents buy very cheap stuff and more quantity to show off volume but that Made in China stuff is not only harmful and but looks cheap . For your child’s 1st first birthday return gift , Give may be only one return gift but a good one .

Gift Wrapped Wash Towels

Wash towels is really useful and practical gifts  among Birthday Return Gifts ideas. There are many types of cute and colorful baby /kids wash towels available in stores . Some of these are  towels are beautifully gift wrapped which saves you tons of time so that you can focus on making party fun and not worry too much .Check this one out, Its pretty cool .


Animal Printed SunGlass Assortment

A Great 1st birthday return gifts for  safari-themed party The kids (even older brothers and sisters who came) will get  a kick out of posing with the glasses and posing  for the camera.

First Birthday Personalized Clothing
Personalized clothes, bodysuits, bibs, and T-shirts for baby’s special day are a great gift return idea. You can even give clothes with this funny return gift caption ” I went to Dhruv’s first birthday and all I got is this stupid Banyan ”

**Alternate IDEA : You can pretty much use this witty line on any of the many items you can personalize .

Wall Art

There are hundreds of options these days for stickers which can be pasted on drawers/computers/walls/ Almira, and some of these glow in Dark. Kids truly love the idea of pasting them in their rooms at location of their looking at it night .

Key Chains

Key chains are cheap and staple of birthday return gift ideas. You can get creative here and design it according to your party needs.

There are several kind of key chains available freely.

Small Chocolate Bouquets

Chocolate bouquets are the perfect gift for any occasion. You can choose from number of chocolates you want to give . If your budget is less , Just give few chocolates . You can get very creative and use laces to decorate is as you want . Downside of this is kids will take it home and finish chocolates leaving behind no memory that they even received a gift .

Doreman and Shinchan Accessories

Lately I have been watching a lot of Doreman cartoons with my niece Natasha .Here is me, mom and natasha. I am kind of hooked to it.Its actually pretty addictive .I believe anything to do with Doreman will be a big hit as return gift . Gals with barbie girl accessories and guys with spiderman or doremon accessories.

Return gift ideas for 1st birthday

Return gift ideas for 1st birthday


Sticker activity book

Give kids stickers and book and let them run wild with ideas. Pretty typical return gifts for all  ages . Not sure if kids still play with these as I observe kids generally playing with phone, computer or video games


Does anyone even buys DVDs anymore , apparently yes , and great news for all cheap birthday return gifts seeking moms or dads in some case is that DVDs are cheap . You can buy a new release for under 5 or under 10$ . Walmart or Costco probably would be best bet .

Hipgirl Girls Hair Bow Snap Clips, Barrettes

For 11 bucks you get 32 piece bow snap clips . Not bad . You can buy a bunch and divide 8 each or 16 each and give it to different kids . Here is the link







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