Best USA Souvenirs to take back to India or your country

When its comes to souvenirs ,

Its about your memories + Its about show off  to neighbor and relatives

Hey Look ,

I have been here and here a souvenirs to prove it  :))

Not true for everyone ..

When its come to souvenirs , there are few places are that extremely popular among desis , indian, south asian , visitors and tourists.

Niagara Falls , New York city , Las Vegas, San Francisco , Washington DC and Chicago probably are the most famous .

Niagara falls is most famous among desis ,

I always joke to my wife that if I has lost my brother sister in kumbh mela and I have to wait for him at one place , I would wait in niagara falls for sure .

Magnets and keychain are probably the most famous items to take ,

Without further adieu ,





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