Best Indian costume ideas for halloween that you can actually use

Updated Oct 2016

Its halloween 2016 , that time again .

So you are going to a Halloween party and looking for some Indian costume ideas with little bit of bollywood in it .  I have covered Indian costume ideas for both men and women. Really cool ideas which are practical .

Now ideas are good but as you all know execution is the key  , From top to bottom ,I have put easy one to execute on top , where you can get stuff easily off the shelf

You can also use these costumes as your party themes for future .This is time desis go wild with crazy Indian costumes for halloween roaming the streets of downtown drunk .


The most famous of all Indians , He is quintessential traditional Indian but also easy to dress up

All you need is simple white cloth and a dhoti  for 9$ ( You might have to ask your Indian friend in helping you wear dhoti ) .There are bunch of videos of youtube explaining how to wear dhoti .

Make sure you are not in North United States which get very very cold , Also you should have decent physique , if not , no problems , have fun with it . Don’t worry to much 🙂

Also make sure to buy 2 of these , one for dhoti and one for the top , oh and don’t forget the gandhi stick .

Gandhi for Indian Halloween dress idea

Gandhi for Indian Halloween dress idea


Yogi or Sadhus

Yogi or Sadhus are Indian monks , lot of them smoke marijuana ( charas ) , they are generally devoted to god and spend their entire life to that. They have simple dressing except that its orange in color . You can buy this orange cloth for 9$, Cut them into 2 parts and you are all set , you get the beard everywhere . Here is one for 5$

Sadhu Dress as an idea for Halloween dress

Sadhu Dress as an idea for Halloween dress




Holi color

You must have being to famous Holi festival of India, festival of colors . You can wear Holi themed shirts and pant and pretend you just came from playing holi, you can also face paint with holi colors which easily come off. This one is easy to pull off , Wear anything white and cover yourself with these Holi colors all over the body

Ganpati or Ganesha

You probably know Tom brady keeps statue of ganesha in his locker room , Famous god of Hindus , you can make a lord ganpati or make elephant trunk to keep it simple

It will definately cause lot curiosity  .

Lord Ganesh Dress for Halloween

Lord Ganesh Dress for Halloween

Indian Cylinder 

This one will generate lot of curiosity , Very few people know , most of Indians use gas from cylinder to cook . You can totally convert yourself into a cylinder easily with very simple work .

Here is how they look in real life .

gas cylinder as Indian Halloween Dress Idea

gas cylinder as Indian Halloween Dress Idea


Bollywood Princess

Here a ready made bollywood princess costume available on amazon





You know punjabi , Sikh religion they dont shave and wear turban , You can easily become punjabi for a day by wearing turban and putting a beard ,

You will need this turban and this beard .You can buy this one directly or buy this cloth and make it yourself ,

sikh turban halloween dress idea

sikh turban halloween dress idea


Rajasthani or Gujrati  dress

Most of the forts are in Rajasthan and Gujrat and they have their own traditional way of dressing up .You can just wear simple kurta paijama which is available widely for cheap , a,If one of your Indian friends recently got married , they will have some of these. Just ask . Try this dress , It can be used later for any of your Indian friends events .You can add dandia to it  , they are little sticks used for dance .

gujrati dandia dress as halloween dress idea

gujrati dandia dress as halloween dress idea

Sari or Salwar Choli 

This is mainstay of Indian dressing , you will find several of them online , You can combine any of them with rani crowns and declare yourself queen of India

There is lot of selection available .

Indian King or Queen or princess

This might require some work but you can definitely do Indiana jones and temple of doom . Sometimes called as maharaja or nawabs, You can google  how they dress up .

This definately need work as crown will be hard to find and if you DIY  kind of person , you might be able to pull it off .

—> Check out good party theme ideas 

Make Taj Mahal and put across your body

Make a Taj Mahal and wear it and declare yourself king of India Shah Jahan. Make a wearable card board replica of taj mahal . This requires some serious work but hey you would be only one with that dress . I saw people putting facebook card board on them so why not Taj mahal .

South India Lungi

Lungi is south indian equivalent of irish kiltsmen , You can definately try to become south indian by wearing Lungi and Banyan , You might also declare of yourself fisherman or coconut vendor of India .Its easily available on amazon for 15$ .

coconut tree climbers for halloween costume

coconut tree climbers for halloween costume




Lord Krishna is lot of followers in USA , They have several Hare Rama Hare Krishna Iskcon temple, Steve jobs famously use to eat for free at hare rama hare krishna temple walking several miles each way , In fact the video I posted here is from Hare rama hare krishna temple ., This is one of those homemade Indian costume ideas .

Krishna fancy dress for halloween idea

Krishna fancy dress for halloween idea




Mother Teresa

Famous all around the world , mother teresa use to wear a sari , that is simple .You can try it, I couldn’t find that saree anywhere but you can always wear this white saree and cover your face ,

Its as close you can get to mother teresa sari but again if you are creative person , you might make it happen . You canpull this off without a saree with just clothes lying around the house .

Mother Teresa Indian theme Halloween Dress

Mother Teresa Indian theme Halloween Dress


** Here is some history of Indian Costumes****

**Check out some old bollywood style Halloween Indian costume ideas here**

*****Here is link to megalist of indian  theme party ideas bollywood style****

You can also search for images on with keywords “fancy dress competition” and you get several more ideas .

Have Fun and Happy halloween
















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