Best Ideas for Indian baby shower return gifts under 15$

My Friend Ajay and Puja Indian Baby Shower in California

My Friend Ajay and Puja Indian Baby Shower in California


I am not sure if desi people do baby showers in India but its quite mandatory in USA ,

In India, its little different, concept remains the same,  its very culture rich with all kinds of puja and older ladies blessing the mother to be .Its called Godh bharai in Hindi.

Even in Indian Baby Shower , we have several sub cultures  and they celebrate in a different way. These days most Indian couple just add American twist to baby  shower and its kind of combo between baby shower and god bharai.

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Here is list of best indian baby shower return gifts

Baby Shower Favor Bags 

This  baby party favor bag is must , comes with nice message , “A little boy or girl is on its way “

Perfect for candies or any other special treats as party favors, Just throw bunch of assorted candies or gifts in this bag, staple them and thats it, a good looking custom purpose build favor bag .

These bags are printed on brown kraft bags measuring, Great for giving assorted candies to guests.

If you having girl , Here is the link to girls favor bag . or you can put some items in these thank you cup

baby shower favor return gift ideas bag

baby shower favor return gift ideas bag

This cute salt shaker –My friend Gave this one 

Also try this Kate Aspen Mommy and me honeybee salt and pepper shaker which is so so cute and comes in nice little transparent gift box (4$),

—>Here are some extremely popular gifts

salt shaker baby shower return gift

salt shaker baby shower return gift

Baby Shower Return gift cutest baby owl

Baby Shower Return gift cutest baby owl

Baby Shower cute stroller

Baby Shower cute stroller

Mommy and Me Baby Shower Gift Idea

Mommy and Me Baby Shower Gift Idea

Baby shower about to hatch gift favor

Baby shower about to hatch gift favor, Also find Indian Amazon link here 

Cute Piggy Baby in gift box

Cute Piggy Baby in gift box

Baby Keepsake Set of 12 Baby shoes Key chain 

Love this cute little keychain with baby shoes , Set of 12 only for 20$, And comes with nice little box with lace . Perfect return gift

Baby shoes key chains return gifts

Baby shoes key chains return gifts

Safari Animals Candle Set 

Love these cute money and tiger animal candle set , come encase in a gift box with clear plastic front and satin ribbon bow

Animal candle favor return gift for baby shower

Animal candle favor return gift for baby shower

Make sure to buy one of these boards , Otherwise desis will grab as many return gifts as possible 🙂 , Just saying .  

Please take return favor for indian bridal showerYou will also need these  “Thanks you for celebrating with us”  cards

Thank your for celebrating with us cards for baby shower

Thank your for celebrating with us cards for baby shower

They also have these beautiful baby stroller scented candle , Beautiful , almost perfect return favors . My full marks for these 2 items .

Mini Milk bottle filled with M and M

Fill these cute bottles ( 24 for 11$ ) with M & M or any other chocolates and you are good to go ..easy and looks good too..



Bags for Return Gifts 

These beautiful bags can be use to put those salt shaker or anything you want . Looks really good and is not that expensive

Drawstring bags for baby shower favors

Drawstring bags for baby shower favors

Thank You for Coming to my baby shower stickers  

I really thought these thank you stickers are way to cute . Love those 2 cute little elephants 🙂

Thank you for coming to my baby shower

Thank you for coming to my baby shower

****You must check out this master index list –updated daily with ideas 

Hand Sanitizer or Body Lotion with Thank you coming Tag

Buy few hand sanitizer or body lotion along with these baby shower tag and hurray you have a return gift, guests who will come to visit the baby later can use hand sanitizer  🙂 just joking ..For body lotion , this bath and body works is my favorite .

Baby Shower Return Gift Favor Ideas with Tag

Baby Shower Return Gift Favor Ideas with Tag

Baby Shower Banner 

Check out this nice wall banner for your party

baby shower banner

baby shower banner

Burt’s Bees Everyday Essential Beauty Kit

This is one of my all time favorite return gifts, for 8$ you get quite a bit of stuff from reputed company such as burt bees . It looks good to give a nice kit and it won’t hurt your pocket too, plus it can be used by anyone in family .

Prepworks From Progressive International BA-530

This is most amazing spoon set you will see for 12$ , Very useful and beautiful and decent price . Very rare .My 10/10 vote to this item as return gift.

Baby Carriage Key Chains

These beautiful well decorated baby carriage key chains for 7$ is nice gift, Its small in size to be inserted in the gift bag .

Baby Block Spreader

Love this baby spreader , makes such perfect return gift , You can get 25 of them for 44$ HERE , Thats really cheap .

Kate Aspen The Nest Egg Scented Soap

This is really really nice well package soap with nest , Love the presentation , Perfect size for the gift bag and perfect price for wallet

Baby themed Coasters

These baby sitter themed coasters are really cute for 3$ . Couldnt find anything good on amazon but ebay has some decent choice

Baby Plug Plants

Plug plants are very good  choice for many novice gardeners, its between seeds and grown plant. These different kinds of flower pots available . Since you are bringing a baby in world , why not bring a plant , Great green meaningful significance.

Here are types of flowers

  • Mud flower pots
  • Ceramic flower pots
  • Painted mud flower pots
  • Plastic flower pots

You can  buy them  at Walmart or Loewes or Home Depot . There are also several nurseries along the road . You can go outside cities , We have several in virginia in wine growing areas . Have a nice day trip and get some work done too.

Vera Bradley Zip ID Card Case

I love this zip ID card case, perfect for return gift, its little girly and has nice sash coming out of it.

Will make receiving guest quite happy plus its vera bradley.

Weave Wrap Bracelet Watch 

for 4.99 is really beautiful and for that price , You can’t ask for more . Drop a watch in each gift bag.

Handbag Organizer

If you are anything like my wife or mom who can’t keep their hand bags organized then this is perfect gift for everyone. Basically this is bag within a  bag. Price is quite right that I am assuming you will have to spend per guest .

Special Tip: My wife changes purses , Different purses for different occasions . Although she didn’t buy it yet but I think , this is perfect solution for her since she doesn’t have to change her purse. All she needs to do , is move organizer from one bag to other . She will be quite glad that I found a solution for her bag woes . Additional benefit of researching and writing a blog.

Coffee Cups 

Typical coffee cups are passe, Try this amazing design camera lens shaped Coffee cup for 11 bucks . Makes a perfect baby shower return gift .  I truly love its innovative design , stands out .

You will have to get some cardboard boxes to insert these cups and gift wrap them. I guarantee everyone who takes this coffee cup will call you back to tell you how amazing coffee cups are.

Bottle Band – New 

In 8$ you can convert any normal bottle into handheld device you can take for walk or just from your parking lot to your office . Its kind of new innovate product . Check it out here  .

If you choose this , you are choosing good health of others ,May one of guest actually start working out . You will literary have to give direction on how to use it with the gift . Hopefully it comes with it.

Man Eau Fraiche by Versace

Last time I bought Versace it was quite expensive , I am not sure how these men and women Versace perfumes are for 10$ but anyways would make nice return gift. I am sure all guests be like , man she gave us versace or you can try this paris Hilton perfume for 11$ . This is as close as we can get to Paris Hilton 🙂 .Could not resist to make that joke .

Thank You Card –and A Framed Party Photo. 

Its my favorite gift, Go to CVS or Walmart or Costco , print out pictures, buy cheap frames from amazon . That’s  your return gifts . I like the fact about this gift is that it stays in front of eyes to anyone you give. Most likely they will place it in prominent place in shelf etc .

Material things generally fade away ( unless of course you buy IPAD as return gifts  🙂 ) but memories remain

High Impact Return Gift — Large Framed Party photo with your kid and your friends or family + Thank you NOTE Handwritten on a piece of paper.

Medium Impact and budget : Small 4×6 night frame+ Handwritten Thank you card

Low Impact : Normal Picture + General Thanks you ( not handwritten )

We inserted a thank you card in every return gift bag .

Chocolate Boxes / Custom Chocolate Tiffins

There are several chocolate boxes combo you get , There is absolutely no shortage of design or variety .

You can also buy cheap plastic boxes and fill in assorted chocolates . Depends on time and budget .

Hindu or Asian baby shower gift ideas include pack of mithai, bakhlava, burfi, gulab jamum or rosgulla packs .


I love this Thermos , Thermos is probably only used by Indian to keep chai warm for trips , Me and my wife are chai addicts , We need our chai where ever we go . This thermos is nice return useful gift. If you want to add extra zing , you can add chocolates or greeting card or thank you message in the bottles .

Infusion Water Bottle

.This bottle is just among them .In india we dont just buy 24 carton of bottles as it get expensive, We keep bottles and refrigerate , reuse, rinse and repeat . This might make a good return gift idea

Note: Add chocolates or thank you note in the bottle .


I own this game, You will love it , basically its game where you race against each other to build crossword grids.

Lot of fun and it come with nice banana bag , Perfect return gifts for all ages . All this for 15$

Here are top selling desi wedding favor boxes

National Parks 56-coin Quarter Map – Made in US.

This stuff is really good for little younger ones. If most of your friends have kids , then this might make a perfect party favor. Its fun and educational . Parents will definately appreciate it.

Darn Tough Cushion Socks : Darn Tough makes some nice good looking tought cushion socks. Here is section for their socks  . Not sure if it will make a great return gifts but I though of throwing out idea .

Made in USA Can Opener (Black)

One of the very useful daily use return gift if you want your guests to use this everyday and remember about your event. This is nice opener . Sometimes its best to give useful return gifts instead of typical stuff .

Aromatherapy pillow Made in the USA

 This is really nice aromatherapy pillow, Basically its scented and you can throw this in microwave or freeze to apply this to any part of the body . Looks like a good ideas for elders and senior citizens. Hmm . I must buy one for myself ,just so that I can get some sympathy about being sick from my wife.

Scented Candles Hand Made in the USA 

This is again very typical overused return gifts  but if you want to stay safe .Here are some good Made in USA candle whose scent is pretty good. I am not sure though when was last time I actually used candles . But its looks very elegant as a gift.

Selfie Sticks 

This is again out of box return gift idea that your guest will actually use, There are bunch of universal Selfie sticks which will work on any phones . Give all self obsessed people something to cheer about. Your gift will travel very long way . For 15 $ you get a amazing return gift .

Multi color sunglasses

For 12$ you a get nice sun glass pair with a nice box , Box is good enough that you dont even need to gift wrap it.

Something to show you are going to be cool mommy 🙂 ,

Here are some weird and different sunglasses  , This will get people taking about your event for very long time 🙂 , If you are gossip , attention seeker then these glasses fit the bill .

Travel Gear Pack-It Tube Cube

I love this pack-it tube , You dont need to give gift bag. This bag act like complete gift bag

So it does 2-in-1 job , Its a gift and its a gift wrapper also , Just put some chocolates in the bag and you are done .

Something different and its only 10$

Here are some clever Baby shower Return Gift Ideas  

Smore Kit

I really like this Smore kit for 13$ , It includes everything from marsh mellow , chocolate and stick to make smores .

Its fun for whole family and your guests will remember you whenever they go out for camping or picnic and these.

Its not much of Indian thing but they will delighted to try something new.

Tooth Brush Holder 

Extremely practical return gift , This is one of the these things that is useful but somehow we never buy it as it always slips out of our mind .

There is cute kids version and adult version which ever your target audience it.

 Alphabet Placemat

This is really cute and practical at the same time . Placemat will be remind guests of your party everytime they will have dinner, kids can learn alphabets from it . Neat idea , Great for you pocket

 Cute Hair Clips 

This  Baby Girls Embroidered Design Fabric Hair Clip make a very nice gift , 15$ for 10 piece is pretty good price . Kids and parents are going to love it  . 

Wall Decals 

These princess wall decals are really cute , kids truly love decorating room with this . Not bad for 10$

Plus its Made in USA and is peel and stick , So stains on walls.

Growth Charts 

This giraffe growth charts is really really cute , In fact , I am sending this to one my friend who just had a baby , same friend whose picture is posted on top .

Rubbermaid Lunch Blox Kids Lunch Kit

Love this kids lunch box kit , Very useful and practical , It can be used both by kids , adults and working mom,

Kit contains 4 side containers holding 1.2 cups, (2) blue ice sheet and (2) sandwich container holding 2.6 cups

Personalized Hand Towels 

These towels look really royal , You can put your name and logo and stick those towels in the gift bag .

 PLAYMOBIL My Secret Princess Castle Play Box Playset

This royal adventure is pretty amazing castle play box playset . We bought this as gift for our friends daughter on her birthday , She really loves it, Till this day whenever we go , she is always playing with this .

Very girly item to keep girls busy for long period of time .

Matchbox On A Mission: 20-Pack Car Set 

This is really good collection for the price, Its has all kinds of car for kids . Most of my young boys in our family enjoy cars and they play quite a bit with it or you can also go with Lego City Racing bike transporter

PediFix Visco-GEL Heel-So-Smooth Heel Sleeves

For 12$ , this is one of the most useful gift of care you can give to your guests. Design is very unique and looks beautiful  ,Combine this with heal creams for good combo package.

 Vitamin B12 + Multivitamin Gummy Bears

This is pretty amazing proposition, Pretty much everyone has Vitamin B12 deficiency. Gummy bears are for kids, vitamins for adults . Something for entire family , Not bad for 20$ .

Disney Kids Girls and Boy  Pair Watches 

Combine this and this for beautiful 2 set watches , These are disney branded watches for 9.99. Thats a pretty good price, If you have ever been to disney store in times square or else where, you will see that all disney items are quite expensive. My friend bought his daughter dress for 75$ .

Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps: Liquid Castile Soap

This 2 piece baby soap is getting big everyday . No baby shower return gift list will be complete without something for the baby.


I always send wallet as gift to all my friends who has birthdays . Its a nice reasonable priced gift that is actually useful. You add men and women wallet in you return gift goody bag . Price might go upto 30$ for both men and women but if you want to make a splash , this is it . Other wise stick with either men or womens one .

Covergirl 2 Step Lip Shine 

For 5$ , you get branded lip shiners , Can’t ask for more .

10 piece premium Synthetic Kabuki Makeup Brush

This 10  piece make up brush set has 1377  positive amazon reviews , all for 7.29$  . This will come in nice box too which helps us ,

Just dump it goody gift bag and you are all set

Household Essentials Hanging Cosmetic and Grooming Organizer 

I love this organizer, pretty much everyone needs this in household . For 13$ , you will get lot of thanks from better organized moms and dads .

SHANY Nail Art Set -24 

This is set of 24 nail colors for girl and teens who have too much time on their hand to waste. 🙂 . Basically with all the colors available you can paint your nails as you make painting on canvas.,

Not bad idea for 20$, Combine this with all the glitter set for 2$ ,Or  this nail art painting pen brush for 2.34$

Wow,  How the hell can they afford to sell a 2400 set nail art set for 2$  ? , Anyone none of our business , After all we have baby shower party favor to worry about .

Macadamias Nuts 

Have you tried macadamia nuts,  I am little crazy for those nuts, they too good, tastes like butter without the saturated fat ,

I have included this just to find out if there are crazy people out there who will actually give out macadamia nut boxes as return gifts .  If you do choose to give out Macadamia nuts as your baby shower return gift, I would like to be invited to that party .

Here is Macademia nut box for 5$ 

Hand Held Mini Massager

This is nice massager , I actually have one of these . I always get back and neck pain from researching and writing these blogs ( long hours of research ) . I didnt wanted to spend a lot for the massage chair , so I got this one for 11$

Might make a great out of box return gift.

Brita Sport Water Filter Bottle

This is really nice sport water filter bottle , plus I like name Brita for whatever reasons beyond explanation . Its like water filtration on the go .

Bluetooth Wireless Speaker 

This bluetooth wireless for 22$ might be good return gift idea with pretty good reviews.

Hindus, Muslims ,Christians have their own way of baby showers methodologies. Also gujrati , marathi, punjabi, telugu , South Indias etc will have their own .

In Western countries we called it Party Favors , In Indian culture , we called it return gifts . Concept remains the same, Pregnant women is showered with gifts and in return you need to shower guests with some token of gifts.

To make it easy , I would suggest gender and age neutral gift , One for each family . If you want hassles then you will have search for gifts for girls and boys and then young couples, married couple with/without kids and everyone in between .

NOTE : I have tried to keep all item budgets to under 25$ as I believe 10 to 25$ is good range to stick too. Not too cheap , not too extravagant .If you are planning to spend beyond that , please contact me and send me some cash too .. 🙂 , we all need some . My recommendation for indian baby shower return gifts ideas would be that give one good item, instead of several mediocre ones.

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