Best Chocolates to take to India for relatives

During old times and I mean like 2000s , not all chocolates were available in India

When I use to go back , I use to take a lot of chocolates , It was like pure gold for everyone out there .

It still is , Even if its available in India , How many can afford to buy those ?

It does not have WoW factor it use to  ,

I specially use to take a lot of Ferrero Rocher and everybody was like in heaven after eating , I love that chocolate, I still do , Its like organic legal drug .

Another Favorite , Hershey Kisses

Here are the popular chocolates people are taking to India

NOTE : “”Anthon Berg Chocolate Liquers “”” ,  All time  favorite for India goers,  is no longer available on amazon as it has liquor content, You will observer in spreadsheet , its #1 Item people bought

Its still available HERE on ebay. <———————NEW LINK FOR ANTHON BERG 


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