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My name is Sachin Rajgire and I am based out of Northern Virginia , Edison NJ ( March 2016 ) Join Indian Community of NJ facebook page .

We just bought a house in Edison NJ . These days finding gifts for India is nightmare as almost everything is available back in India. When we were shopping for gifts , We couldn’t find any good gifts that people will actually like.I asked several people about what they took and what was the reaction about it.This blog was born out of that survey. If you like to contribute to project and write a guest post or send pictures , Please send me email at sachin.rajgire@gmail.com.

This site is my part time hobby and I try my best to update it weekly.Some of the information or links might be outdated.If you know someone who is planning to visit India , Please share this site ,He will thank you .

I am research blogger mostly into digital marketing .For paying my bills I still work as Cisco Unified communications Engineer / Network Engineer . I  have spent 13 years in Washington DC /Maryland/ Virginia area so I still confused if I should call India, DMV or NYC tristate as my home. I am married to my lovely wife Ketaki and I am slave to our wonderful spoilt  rotten dog Buddy , both of whom are very demanding.

American with his 2 Indian Slaves

Only American in house with his 2 Indian Slaves

Media , Guest Posting, Promotions, Advertisements.

I am looking for paid contributers/writers for our blog . GET MORE INFO HERE

If you work with Indian American clients in USA and want to share your expertise to my viewers , I can set up phone or skype interview

For Example , If you are event planner or decorator etc

I receive more than 20,ooo visitors a month on this website, Its excellent exposure

If you have a product or service that will be useful for Indian community in USA , please reach out to me at sachin.rajgire@gmail.com , so that I can publish it on this blog.

NOTE : No generic pitches , It has to be useful . I do not charge anything .

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Disclosure: I  have personally spend lot of time developing the content, interviewed many of my friends who frequently travel and send gifts. Many others hours were spent editing and doing online research. I participate in Amazon Affiliate program where Amazon gives a small commission for the referral . Please support my efforts by going thru the links on this website  so that I can keep doing good work .

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UPDATE : Recently Got Married in Pune India -Dec 18 2014,

Moved to Edison New Jersey in March 2016 .

I am avid Traveler


Across Ganga Kolkata


Gurudwara Amritsar

Gurudwara Amritsar






  1. Very Impressive work and I really appreciate your time and effort.

  2. I am visiting in January and came across your blog. I think the chocolate covered pretzels are great idea! I live in Phoenix AZ so I am gong to bring some native specialty like, dream catchers for my new nephew, I hope it goes well.
    I am also going to bring variety of hot sauces ( sampler) since all Indians love spicy food. Most Indians do not understand the concept of southwest so I am hoping to educate them through my gifts!

    • Great Ideas Zoya ..Let us know how it went ..Send me pictures and I will post in on this blog post

  3. Sachin,
    I found your blog site while browsing for information related to “Carrying Gold Coin to India”.

    What is the latest rule or Customs limitation on carrying gold bullion to India? I am planning to carry an ounce coin.

    Looking forward to your help.


  4. Is it an offense to bring panties or night dresses for my lady cousins?

  5. Quite impressed!


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