10 Popular best selling Diyas for Diwali on Amazon

2016 Diwali is here , google tells me its on 30th october 2016

Time to buy diwali gifts, diyas dia or divaa ( as we say in marathi ), deepak, deepa , deepam and several other stuff, exciting time for all of us .

Clay or mitti or mati diyas are used all over India for all purposes but for diwali its a big item, As you know diwali is festival of lights, we generally buy several diyas to light up the entire house or apartment these days 🙂

You can even do clay pot painting and decoration on diya if you have some free time, it looks amazing. You should buy eco friendly diya which are made of earthen clay that will support Indian small businesses instead of buying battery ones like this 


Lot of my friends are also buying this solar outdoor LED string light, pretty cool , No need to drag that electrical outlet or extender

solar led string

solar led string



Wax Pot Diya candles

Currently I am really in love with these . It comes with wooden frame . Love it

Wax Pot diya candles diwali

Wax Pot diya candles diwali


****NOTE : Don’t forget to buy these cotton wicks *******

Brass and Metal Diya

Diya (Puja Lamp)
Electric and Battery Lamps

If you have small children or other issues,  these electric / battery lamp are your best bet .


Hosley Tealight ( Candles )


Here are the nice video to reuse diwali diyas from last year

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