10 Gifts to take for your cousins, nephews, nieces, uncle and aunties in India

When gifting a bunch of cousins and relatives, it could be quite daunting on your pocket. In order to keep everyone happy I would say the same old gifts like chocolates etc is a total no go and you’d always end up hearing “ye toh India main bhi milta hain”. If you don’t want to spend much and yet want to be appreciated for the gift/gifts you take for people in  “bulk”.

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Souvenirs: Try these based on the popularity in your family. For example if everyone in your family is big fan of NY take souvenir of the empire state building, If they’re SF fan take the golden gate memento for them. For years to come you’ll see your gifted souvenirs lying in their living room or magnets stuck for ages on the refrigerator! 

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New York City: All time favorite, click: NY magnets♠ (set of 12). Our very own, click: empire state building ♠

San Francisco:  Most popular of all the, click: golden gate♠

Chicago: Umbrella with, click: skyline♠

Shot Glasses: If you’re cousins are old enough and, if drinking is not an issue with the family, try out the shot glasses. They’re more popular than souvenirs, your cousins/friends most of the time love to show off their shot glasses collection to their friends! So yours will be an add on if not you’ll be the one trigger them to start a collection.

Some of my favorites for the shot glasses, click your favorite from here:

Chicago♠                    Washington DC♠

 NYC♠                            SF♠

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