10 Best selling popular Ganpati Ganesha Statue and Idols on Amazon


You can keep ganpati ganesh statues anywhere , Most Indians keep them in car, home and keep them in your locker like Tom Brady of New England Patriots do, Ganeshji brings good luck and removes the obstacles.

Indians give lot of ganesha statues as wedding and birthday gift.





Here is link to #1 best seller

Here is link to best sellers under 20$

Here is link to see replica of tom brady statue

Here is link to download 3 most sold statues on amazon

Here is nice small one for car or personal use

All data pulled via amazon API


There are hundreds of beautiful ganesha and other Indian deities on amazon.Ganesha is one of the lord where you can relax as his character is fun , little chubby and mischievous.

If you are devotee of Ganesh and have been looking for a good murti for a descent price Here is link to all ganesha statues below 20$

Top 2 results is displayed by amazon and after that all the statues are below 20$ .

If you want to see what people are buying in Indian statues here is a report pulled from amazon API which shows the real rank .

There are only 3 statues which have amazon rank ,








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